Counter Attendant Job Description and Duties

Updated on: July 26, 2021

Position Overview

Counter attendants usually work in the foodservice industry. More popularly, they are known as food counter attendants. However, they may perform different duties in different organizations, such as entertainment parks and cinemas.

The basic work of a counter attendant is to act as the face of the organization and provide a positive experience for customers. They greet customers, take their orders, provide them with information on available products, and ensure that their orders are processed in a timely manner.

Since customers are focal points of any business, it is important for counter attendants to be pleasant and have the ability to behave professionally, even in the face of adversity. Many counter attendants are provided with the task of preparing food items and ringing up sales on the POS as well.

And if you have all these abilities, here is a list of counter attendant job duties that you may be interested in:

Counter Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the facility and provide them with information that they require.

• Provide specific information regarding specific services and items that may be on special discounts or deals.

• Assist customers in choosing items according to their specific tastes and take and record orders.

• Punch in orders into the POS system and provide customers with price information.

• GIve customers a timeline within which their orders will be delivered to them.

• Relay order information to the backend (kitchen) and follow up on all orders periodically.

• Pack customers’ orders along with condiments and additional paraphernalia such as plastic spoons and napkins.

• Ask customers if they would like any additional items with their orders.

• Serve dine-in customers over the counter and hand packed orders to customers from drive-through windows.

• Receive payments against sold orders by processing credit and debit cards and tendering change for cash transactions.

• Properly balance cash drawers and address any discrepancies before closing the shift.

• Clean and maintain counters on a constant basis and ensure that any spills around the counters are cleaned immediately.

• Handle customer complaints and problems by ensuring total customer satisfaction by remaining within the parameters of company procedures.

Educational Requirements

To be eligible to work at this position, you need a high school diploma or a GED at the very minimum.

Skills and Abilities

The ability to listen properly and understand orders accurately is important if you want to work at this position. Additionally, you will need to possess exceptional customer service and problem-solving skills if you want to be considered for this position.