Beverage Cart Attendant Job Description and Duties

Updated on: May 4, 2022
Position Overview

Beverage cart attendants work in a variety of hospitality settings including hotels, cruises, clubs, and resorts where they set up movable beverage stations to serve customers on the go.

Some beverage cart attendants are also hired by golf courses where they scurry around the golf course, offering refreshments to golfers.

Technically, beverage cart attendants are hired in environments that require beverages to be served over an expanse of land or to provide customized services to their patrons.

Skills and Abilities

Eligibility requirements for a beverage cart attendant include being Smart Serve Certified (be at the legal age to mix and serve drinks), ability to work under pressure, manual dexterity (pushing a cart around takes physical strength), and the will to work flexible hours.

People who have prior customer service experience are preferred for this job as beverage cart attendants are in constant contact with customers so they need to be able to ensure customer satisfaction.

If working as a beverage cart attendant is what you want to do, you will need to have strong interpersonal and listening, and communication skills along with solid knowledge of fine wines.

So if you have physical agility, knowledge of beverage items, and good customer service skills, you can easily apply for a beverage cart attendant’s job.

Have a look at the following list of duties to find out what you will be doing:

Beverage Cart Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

• Set up beverage assigned beverage cart with appropriate number and type of beverages according to policies advocated by the facility.

• Perform checks to see if dates of expiry on non-alcoholic beverages are valid.

• Obtain wines and other alcoholic drinks from the bar and sign a receipt for them.

• Maintain knowledge of beverage prices and dates to be able to talk intelligently to customers.

• Greet guests in a friendly manner and inquire into their beverage requirements.

• Fill and serve glasses with guests’ preferred brands and ask if they would like refills.

• Push beverage carts between guests by ensuring that no bumps arise.

• Perform maintenance and minor repair work on beverage carts to make sure that they do not break down midway.

• Provide guests with checks and process payments on an immediate basis.

• Take guests’ signatures on receipts for bills that need to be paid, along with the guests’ membership subscriptions.

• Restock carts with beverages, ice, sundries, and napkins on a regular basis.

• Provide beverage information regarding the year of making and presentation protocols.

• Keep beverage carts fueled and clean and store them at the end of each shift.

• Create and maintain an inventory of beverages taken and returned each day.