Food Supervisor Skills List for Resume

Updated on: March 23, 2021

“Meticulous” and “Attentive.” Have these words made you sit up and look forward to what is coming next?

If the answer is yes, you have just come across two adjectives that can be used to describe an individual’s skills to a prospective employer.

Employers looking for candidates to fill a position rely highly on food supervisor skills.

That is because they are concerned with what you can do for them if you are hired at a particular position, and mentioning skills in a resume are the best way of letting them know what you are capable of.

Writing skills in a resume is not easy; after all, how much can you possibly write without sounding fake or lying? A lot!

The trick is not to lie.

If you have a specific skill, write it down but do so in an appealing manner.

Every position needs to have skills associated with it but for the benefit of an example, let us have a look at a list of skills related to a food supervisor’s position.

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Sample Skills List for Food Supervisor Resume

• Comprehensive knowledge of quality food production standards.

• Expert in controlling food costs along with other controllable costs associated with food preparation.

• Familiar with food safety and quality compliance protocols.

• Experienced in directing and coordinating the activities of workers to smooth out kitchen operations.

• Demonstrated ability to supervise and direct the assembly of individual food items and dishes.

• Adept at creating and maintaining food and equipment inventories.

• Knowledge of developing and dispersing maintenance schedules and supervising maintenance activities.

• Strong background in conducting special food quality audits and minimizing food wastage.

• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills aimed at providing leadership and direction to kitchen staff.

• Good problem-solving skills targeted at customer satisfaction.

• Extreme service orientation aimed at delivering the best in food supervision services.

• Critical thinking targeted at handling adverse situations and finding alternatives to provide customers with workable foodservice solutions.

• Exceptional food monitoring abilities to ensure high quality at any given time.

• Outstanding visual and auditory ability to gauge and respond to hazards particular to the foodservice industry

• Committed to safely using kitchen equipment.

• Particularly effective in managing daily workforce planning activities to deploy employees to handle different sections for food preparation.

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