Food Service Worker Skills

Updated: November 3, 2016

What are your skills? Even if this question is not directly asked by an employer, it will be in his mind when he looks through your resume or cover letter, and even during the interview process. How well you satisfy the employer on this will determine if you will be considered for a job. The bottom line is that skills are important for any job that you apply for.

Different designations demand a different skills set. If you are working at a position where you will be staying indoors, in an office setting, you will need a completely different skill set than one required for a job where you are working outdoors. One type of skills set might not work in all areas, which is why it is imperative to show the employer that you have the exact skills that is required for a certain job.

Communication and interpersonal skills are perhaps the only two that are required everywhere. For you to be considered as a viable candidate for a job, you will need a job-relevant skills set in addition to these two. How you highlight your skills in a resume or a cover letter is almost as important as actually possessing them. What follows is a list of skills that a food service worker is expected to possess:

Food Service Worker Skills

• Solid track record of efficiently preparing food items by chopping, cutting and cubing ingredients
• Deeply familiar with procedures such as setting up food service trays and counters, according to the specific requirements of the facility
• Skilled in following prescribed procedures in setting up hot and cold food lines, and choosing proper utensils for each type
• Known for efficiently preparing, assembling and portioning salads, desserts, fruit, juices and breads according to set standards
• Proficient in correctly measuring ingredients as directed by dietary supervisors and departmental guidelines
• Qualified to operate and clean / maintain food preparation equipment and kitchen tools as per protocols
• Adept at performing preparation work such as washing, peeling, cutting and seeding fruits and vegetables
• Exceptional ability to devise storage areas for food items not currently in use and perform food rotating activities
• Hands-on experience in utilizing approved food recipes and production standards to ensure proper quality, serving temperature and standard portion control
• Competent at performing cleaning and sanitizing activities to ensure consistently clean and sanitized kitchen environment
• Efficiently cleans and maintains kitchen equipment