Hotel Front Office Supervisor Skills List

Updated on: July 7, 2022

A list of skills within a resume will make it more likely for you to be considered for the hotel front office supervisor position.


Because a hiring manager will depend more on your skills than anything else to decide if he wants to hire you or not.

A skills list in a resume does more than simply tell a hiring manager what you are capable of doing. In fact, it shows him or her that you are someone who has it in him or her to perform well, and bring benefit to the company for which he or she will be working. And that suits the hiring manager just fine!

Let’s discuss what type of skills your resume should consist of.

Typically, a skills list should outline your work-related competencies and qualifications.

If you are working as a warehouse worker, for instance, your skills should include the fact that you know much about operating forklifts, and picking orders.

And if you are applying for a job as a manager, your analytic skills should be made evident.

Once you have successfully charted out your job-related skills, it is time to determine what your personal characteristics are.

These may be anything from being able to work independently, to working out problems effectively.

The following skills statements should help you:

Sample Skills for Hotel Front Office Supervisor Resume

• Hands-on experience in ensuring smooth operations of the front office, particularly in a hospitality environment

• Thorough insight of all front office procedures including night audits and reservations

• Highly skilled in interviewing, selecting, hiring, and training front office staff members to ensure that they perform according to established brand standards

• Well-versed in resolving guests’ complaints and addressing their concerns by effectively conducting thorough research of problems and issues

• Deeply familiar with overseeing front office operations in the absence of front office managers

• Experienced in performing bookkeeping activities such as balancing accounts and conducting audits

• Exceptionally talented in handling complex reservation systems, with a special focus on ensuring excellent customer services

• Proven ability to close out guests’ accounts at the time of check-out to ensure smooth procedures

• Track record of effectively maintaining hotel reputation through ensuring that hotel entrance and reception are properly cleaned and maintained at all times

• Effectively able to remain calm and alert during emergency situations or heavy hotel activities, serving as a role model for staff members

• Proficient in resolving guests’ issues by delving deep into the problem and offering viable solutions, aimed at ensuring guest satisfaction