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Updated on: August 31, 2021
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A food service supervisor is responsible for the preparation, cooking, serving, and delivery of food. 

S/he operates and maintains appropriate foodservice equipment, and carries out general facility and equipment hygiene maintenance tasks compliant with federal, state, and department guidelines.

In order to apply for a Food Service Supervisor position, you will need to write a winning resume, as well as a cover letter.

The following Food Service Supervisor Resume samples will give you a quick start in your job application process. 

These examples contain sufficient information for non-experienced and experienced candidates. Also suitable for:

  1. Cafeteria Supervisor
  2. Catering Supervisor
  3. Canteen Supervisor

Food Service Supervisor Resume Sample 1
Experience: 3+ Years

John Doe
44 Example Street, Houston, TX 65899
(000) 124-8574 
[email protected]


Uniquely qualified food service supervisor with 3+ years of progressively responsible food service experience. Highly skilled in creating and maintaining relationships with customers, employees, and other key stakeholders, including senior managers. In-depth knowledge of food service management protocols, including food quality, sanitation, and safety.

• Communicating verbal and written orders
• Providing positive and quality service to customers and staff
• Ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines
• Thorough understanding of food preparation processes
• Effective hiring, training, evaluating, and management skills
• Able to break down and assign responsibilities to subordinates


Food Services Supervisor
ABC Company – San Marcos, TX
Jul 2019 – Aug 2021
• Supervised cafeteria services on the allocated shift.
• Ensured quality of production and food procurement requirements.
• Minimized waste through well-organized storage, inventory, and foodstuff utilization.
• Maintained food services areas in a hygienic and sage condition.

Food Services Supervisor
Management Corporation – San Marcos, TX 
May 2018 – Jul 2021
• Conducted and organized daily inspections of food services areas on the assigned shifts.
• Reviewed and checked all designated areas frequently for contractual compliance and efficiency of the delivery of services.
• Ensured groundwork of food services for particular center functions.
• Assisted in the development and execution of new and revised policies and procedures affecting food services.

Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management

• Excellent customer service skills
• Strong hospitality industry knowledge
• Ability to communicate well with others
• Proven employee relations skills

Food Service Supervisor Resume Sample 2
Experience: 8+ Years

Sara Smith
32 Atlanta Avenue, Edmonton, AB S9F 6E9
(000) 524-9656
Email Address

Food Service Supervisor
Sense of Urgency | Passion for Food | Friendly demeanor

Passionate food service leader with 8+ years of food service experience and skills in supervising and coordinating activities of staff. Able to monitor and train staff in job duties, sanitation, and safety procedures. In-depth knowledge of foodservice and quality control.


  • Ability to motivate and supervise team members to attain quality and quantity of food production
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Proficient in exercising good judgment and tact
  • Known for following all guidelines and procedures
  • Clean background


Food Service Supervisor
Humpty’s Family Restaurant, Edmonton, AB
2015 – Present
Key Achievements
• Increased employee output by 30% through teamwork, motivation, and empowerment.
• Maintained a safe work environment by following all safety guidelines.
Key Responsibilities
• Supervise, coordinate and schedule the activities of employees.
• Maintain a report of stock, repairs, sales, and wastage.
• Estimate and order required ingredients for food preparation.
• Oversee and check the assembly of regular and individual diet trays.
• Ensure that food and service meet quality control standards.
• Prepare food order summaries for the chef.

Food Service Assistant
TYG Restaurant, Edmonton, AB
2013 – 2015
Key Responsibilities
• Established the work schedule.
• Gave accurate estimates of ingredients and supplies.
• Acted as a manager and team player.
• Documented success during five years of progressive experience and responsibility.
• Handled food preparation, supply storage, and cleanliness tasks.

High School Diploma
ABC SCHOOL, Edmonton, AB | 2008

Current food safety certification

Excellent professional references are available

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