Entry Level Hair Stylist Resume with No Experience

Updated on: March 31, 2021

For creative positions such as those of hairstylists and cosmetologists, it is important that job seekers show themselves to be creative, not through the format but through the language that they use in the resume.

Talking of entry-level Hair Stylist resumes with no experience, it is imperative to understand that not all employers read your resume in detail.

You may feel otherwise, but entry-level resumes are quite popular with hiring managers who are looking to inject new talent into their company. Fresh ideas and outlook on work are what they want, and you, as an inexperienced Hair Stylist, are qualified to provide them with it.

What to write an entry-level hair stylist resume (no experience)?

There is plenty that you can write. You can talk about the qualifications that you acquired during training for a particular job or hair stylist skills that were taught to you during school or college.

Add information about your license and certifications. If you have any academic qualifications that are relevant to the position that you are applying for, mention them.

Refer below for a resume sample for a hairstylist with no experience in hand:

Sample Resume for an Entry Level Hair Stylist with No Experience

Sarah Palling
109 Morgan Road, Binghamton, NY 42883
(000) 981-8545
[email protected]

Styling | Customer Service | Communication

A creatively inclined individual who has in-depth familiarity with providing a variety of hair care and beauty services. Knowledge of carrying out specialized treatments to handle clients’ hair and skincare concerns. 

• Proficient in determining the types of hairstyles that will suit each client’s face structures.
• Adept at providing detailed consultation to assist clients in helping them understand their beauty goals.
• Demonstrated expertise in educating clients about the treatment they need.
• Focused on meeting clients’ beauty and hairstyling goals by ensuring that they are “give what is being asked for.”

Current New York Cosmetology Licensure

Advanced Cosmetology Training
FRANKLIN COLLEGE, Binghamton, NY – 2020


  • Salon Safety and Sanitation
  • Basics of Skin, Scalp, and Hair
  • The artistry of Artificial Hairs
  • Fundamental Hair Treatments
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Chemical Hair Relaxing


Hair Stylist Apprentice
(1/2021 – 3/2021)
• Conferred with clients to understand their hairstyling and beauty needs
• Provided advice regarding the type of hairstyles and skin care
treatments that would suit each client
• Assisted clients in choosing different hairstyles provided in the catalog
• Prepared hairdressing areas by ensuring that all instruments and products are available
• Helped hair stylists during styling procedures by handing them cutting and styling instruments
• Prepared treatment rooms through adequate cleaning
• Ensured that all products were available for massages, manicures and pedicures, and other treatments

• Hair Cutting • Client Education
• Scalp Treatment • Hair Coloring
• Upselling • Therapeutic Massage
• Permanent Waving • Recordkeeping

Exceptional Professional References Available

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