Hair Stylist Hard Skills to Use in a Resume

Updated on: July 7, 2021

There is virtually nothing that you can do if you are not skilled. This is especially true if you are working for an organization that depends highly on its workforce’s hairstyling skills.

Even without actually having shown their skills in person, hair stylists can bag opportunities to meet prospective employers and show them that they have it in them to take their company to new heights. And all this is done by merely mentioning their skills in a resume.

The first skill that you will need in order to make other skills obvious is your written communication skills. Why?

Simply because you will not have an opportunity to show how skilled you are until after you have been hired, and the only way that you can convince the employer to hire you, is by creating a skills section on your resume that is a tell-tale.

But there is nothing worse than writing a skills section and not explaining how you can use those skills to help the company or its clientele. By doing this, you are leaving a lot to the imagination and that could actually backfire.

For a hair stylist’s skills list, refer below:

Sample Skills for Hair Stylist Resume

• Track record of success in cutting and styling clients’ hairs by following current trends in hair fashion.
• Demonstrated ability to install artificial hair extensions and perform balayage painting treatments.
• Effectively advises clients on minor problems with hair and scalp by ensuring that they are prescribed safe OTC products.
• Talented in determining clients’ hair styling needs by conferring and interviewing them.
• Able to wash and condition hair according to each client’s specific hair types.
• Hands-on experience in applying perming or straightening products by following safe application methods.
• Competent at analyzing clients’ hair and facial features and suggest suitable hairstyles and cuts.
• Special talent for providing additional therapeutic services such as head and scalp massages, using therapy oils and blends.
• Competent at recommending products to use on hair such as shampoos, conditioners, and oils and explaining the use of cosmetics and lotions.
• Documented success in up-selling of salon products to meet the salon’s retail goals.