Hair Stylist Job Description for Resume

Updated: March 31, 2018

Position Overview

Hairs provide a frame and beauty to our face – and hair stylists are responsible for providing us this frame. The work of a hair stylist is challenging, and only the very talented and well-trained people can perform it correctly.

Hair stylists use a variety of methods to enhance the beauty of clients’ hair. They perform services such as shampooing, trimming, cutting, blow drying and coloring.

They also advise clients on how to manage their hair and apply design work to their hair – the Mohawk hairstyle is an example of this!

The foremost job of a hair stylist is to confer with clients to determine their hair-care requirements and provide advice on how to manage it. Once they know what their clients want, hair stylists devise methods to reach their goals. They use clippers and scissors along with straightening irons and combs to manage their work.

Hairstylists’ work depends highly on their skills. Most people who work as hairstylists have either an inborn talent or an aggressive interest in this job. Once they complete their training, they are usually hired by salons and barber shops where they are expected to show what they have learned in a real-time environment.

Most employers require a cosmetologist license in the state that you are applying for you to be eligible for this job. If you possess a license and are appropriately trained, the following detailed job description will be helpful to you when building your resume.

Job Description for Hair Stylist Resume

• Determine clients’ requirements by conferring with them in detail
• Provide information to clients regarding the type of hairstyle and treatment suitable for them
• Cut or trim hair using clippers and scissors
• Provide bleaching, coloring, waving and straightening services
• Perform blow-dry services
• Shave and trim mustaches and beards
• Shape, cut, adjust and curl wigs as required by clients
• Operate cash registers
• Perform limited reception duties
• Sell salon or barber shop’s retail products
• Provide advice to clients regarding hair products and care
• Provide appropriate post-cutting guidelines
• Ensure proper cleanliness of work areas
• Maintain and sanitize hair cutting tools and salon instruments
• Provide facials and manicures
• Manage hair oiling and massage services
• Provide demonstrations to trainees
• Train newly hired hair stylists in a proactive manner
• Maintain appointment calendars and customer databases