Hair Stylist Resume Objectives

June 16, 2019

Resume objectives are important, yes. But what is more important is to write them so that they affect hiring managers positively.

A standard resume objective will get you nowhere. You have to put some energy into it if you want things to move forward.


Hiring managers like to be surprised – a resume objective with a surprise element is what will lead you to the path of employment success.

Unfortunately, hair stylist resume objectives are a bit jarring to write.

Limited space and the pressure of using strong language can often leave us overwhelmed and discouraged.

However, this is where the challenge is. You do not just write a resume objective – you write one after a lot of thought. And that is why the objective has the strength to either lift your candidature up or help it come crashing down.


You can basically write your resume objective any way that you want, provided it retains its essence. The formula is simple:

I have skills that I know can be of great use to your company.

Notice the confidence?

Yes, that is what it needs to exude.

A resume objective is nothing if not a couple of lines of confidence about your skills and how you can use them to benefit the company that you are applying for.

One thing that you do need to keep in mind is that you cannot write an objective that spans an entire paragraph. That will kill the purpose. Keep it short, informative, and straightforward.

Refer below for examples of objectives for hair stylist resume:


Sample Objectives for Hair Stylist Resume

• Energetic hair care professional who has a deep passion for obtaining the highest level of customer service through providing them with best hair cuts. Seeking a position as a Hair Stylist at Vintage Salon, using demonstrated expertise in determining clients’ hair styling and beauty care needs and meeting them appropriately.

• Top-performing hairstylist looking for a position at HairClub. Employing proficiency in cutting, trimming, and styling clients’ hair according to their specific face structures.

• To obtain a Hair Stylist position at Great Clips utilizing hands-on experience in providing exceptional hair styling and skin care services, including re-bonding, perming, manicures, and pedicures.

• To work as a Hair Stylist at JC Penny. Competent at providing professional styling services to assist clients in meeting their styling and beauty objectives.

• Desire a position as a Hair Stylist with Regis Salon. Offering excellent skills in delivering exceptional customer services while providing a full range of hair care services.

• Seeking a Hair Stylist position with ULTA Beauty. Qualified to recommend hair care and styling solutions by applying proficiency with the latest salon techniques and equipment.

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