Top 30 Hair Stylist Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: December 12, 2022

Hairstylist resume objectives writing is tricky. Limited space and the pressure of using strong language can often leave job seekers overwhelmed.

But it is important to add an objective statement to a resume. You should write an objective in a way that persuades the recruiter to take a look at your full resume.

Tip: Keep the objective statement short, informative, and straightforward.

Refer below to view 30+ objectives examples for hairstylist resume:

30 Sample Hairstylist Resume Objective Examples

Experienced Hairstylist Resume Objective Examples

1. Creative hair styling professional with a current cosmetology license eager to work for ABC Salon. Eager to provide the highest level of customer service by listening to customers’ requirements and providing them with the best solutions.

2. Seeking a position as a Hair Stylist at Vintage Salon where my expertise in determining clients’ hairstyling and beauty care needs and meeting them appropriately will be used to maximize revenue.

3. Top-performing hairstylist looking for employment at HairClub. Bringing proficiencies in cutting, trimming, and styling clients’ hair according to their specific face structures to satisfy their beauty needs.

4. Self-motivated and goal-oriented Hair Stylist, poised to contribute to the success of the Great Clips team by utilizing hands-on experience in providing exceptional hairstyling and skincare services. Current cosmetology license.

5. To work as a Hair Stylist at JC Penny where my competencies in providing professional styling services will be fully utilized to assist clients in meeting their hair styling and beauty needs. Great communicator with exceptional time management skills.

6. Strong desire to work for Regis Salon in the capacity of a Hair Stylist. Offering expert layering and blunting skills to deliver exceptional customer service. Able to offer a full range of hair-cutting and care services.

7. Results-oriented Hair Stylist seeking a position at ULTA Beauty. Leveraging a track record of creating hairstyling trends, establishing salon standards, and performing precision haircuts to develop strong relationships with existing and new clients.

8. Innovative beauty expert, excited to contribute to Style Bar and Spa by providing full salon services, including hair cutting, shampooing, blow-drying, coloring, and styling.

9. Highly experienced Hairstylist, with a solid track record of working in busy salons, seeking a position at Vanity. Energetic to use my aesthetic sense and styling skills to help meet the salon meet its customer service goals.

10. To work for Vide Salon as a Hairstylist. Excited to leverage my extensive skills in providing haircutting, and styling services. Focused on determining clients’ specific requirements, and providing them with correlating services to exceed customer service goals.

11. To work as a Hairstylist at AAA Salon. Offering 6 years of experience in providing clients with world-class hair services. Completely focused on improving the salon’s income.

12. Seeking a Hairstylist position at Hairagami Salon. Bringing 12 years of experience in providing hair styling and care services conducive to clients’ requirements. Able to observe various metrics before suggesting services, aimed at ensuring repeated business opportunities.

13. Exceptionally talented Hairstylist with 10+ years of experience working for big hair salons in the city. Poised to ensure clients’ satisfaction at ABC Salon through quality hair cutting, trimming, and coloring work.

14. Talented and knowledgeable individual with 7 years of hairstyling experience seeking a position as a Hairstylist at Country Bangs. Offering the advantage of hairstyling, and cutting knowledge, eventually helping the salon exceed its service goals.

15. Self-motivated individual with 2 years of experience working in fast-paced hair salons, looking to work as a Hairstylist at Smart Style Hair Salon. Hope to apply my proven skills in providing excellent hair care services to surpass profit targets and help build clientele.

16. Accomplished Hairstylist, with 8 years of experience in creating aesthetically pleasing hairstyles for all occasions. Seeking to apply a combination of hairstyling and business sense to help Great Clips meet its business objectives.

17. Positive and friendly individual, looking for a Hair Stylist position at Coco Chen Hair Salon. Bringing 7+ years of experience behind the chair, hair styling techniques, and business skills to build deep relationships with clients and the community.

18. Self-motivated and flexible Hair Stylist seeking a position at Great Clips. Offering a current cosmetology license, exceptional haircare expertise, and knowledge of using salon products and tools to provide the best service to clients.

19. Passionate to contribute to ABC Club in the capacity of a Hair Stylist. Coming with exceptional hair-cutting and styling skills along with keen business and customer service acumen to increase profits and retain clients.

20. Eager to work as a Hair Stylist position for Gene Salons and Spas. Leveraging a cosmetology license with 5 years of dedicated hair care experience in salon environments to build a fan base and partner with salon team members.

21. Resourceful hairstylist with NY State Cosmetology license and 6 years of hands-on experience. Eager to contribute to the success of JCPenney by providing hair services, styling, blending, blowouts, and hair treatments.

22. Extremely motivated and energetic Hair Stylist with a successful track record of actively working in busy salons. Seeking employment at ABC Salon to provide excellent customer service and educate clients.

Entry-Level Hair Stylist Objectives With No Experience

23. Seeking a position as a Hair Stylist at Lakewood Salon. Bringing wide-ranging knowledge of popular hair care brands and styles to provide patrons with exceptional hairstyling and skincare solutions.

24. a Highly creative individual with a recent aesthetician diploma from ABC College. Refined interpersonal and communication skills, with a solid grasp of client connection. Excited to secure a Hairstylist position at Crete Soul where my skills will be used to help the salon meet its business goals.

25. Passionate Hairstylist with in-depth knowledge of all salon services, looking for employment at HC Salon. Bringing knowledge of determining clients’ hair cutting, styling, and tinting needs to ensure successful business retention.

26. Enthusiastic and high-performing individual, with an inherent interest in providing well-placed hairstyling services. Presently looking for a Hairstylist position at Gene Salon. Energetic to provide excellent client services to improve the salon’s image.

27. A Hair Stylist position at Copper Cut. Eager to make the most of my creativity, hairstyling skills, and knowledge of popular trends.

28. To obtain employment as a Hair Stylist with Mattel, using extensive experience in hair cutting and cross-selling to solve problems and make smart decisions that drive sales.

29. Looking for a position as a Hair Stylist with Glendale Services, utilizing extensive skills in cutting and styling hair in accordance with clients’ needs. Passionate for the beauty industry.

Career Changer Hair Stylist Objectives

30. Detail-oriented aesthetician, with 7+ years of experience, looking to transition into the role of a Hairstylist at Cucumber Brides. Practical experience conducting hair and skin observations, and advising on required treatments, aimed at helping salons retain their business.

Final Thought

The main aim of writing a hairstylist‘s resume objective is to bring your resume rise to the top of the resume pile. If you are applying for a position that requires creativity – like that of a hairstylist – your resume objective needs much attention.

Hair Stylist Resume objectives need to be robust and compelling. That said, they should not seem as if they have been written just to fill space.

Remember, you may be judged by the objective statement, so it is essential to cautiously write this statement.

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