Position Overview

Hair stylists work extremely hard to provide their clients with the perfect look. On a typical day, they perform many tasks which include cutting, styling, coloring, blow-drying and hair straightening. Apart from hair styling, they also perform some salon services like waxing, manicures and pedicures. At barber shops, hair stylists trim beards and moustaches.

Hair stylists are required to be familiar with the relevant tools such as brushes, combs, straightening irons and hair dryers. Since they have to work with all these on an everyday basis, they need to be able to maintain these tools appropriately and also manage minor repairs on them. They need to possess extensive talent and training along with a license to work as a hair stylist in their preferred state of employment.

When employers scan through a cover letter for hair stylist resume, they usually choose the ones that possess information on a candidate’s skills and qualifications as well as licensure and training.


Hair Stylist Cover Letter Sample


Stacy Williams
3127 Halden Road
Bronx, NY 66333
(000) 101-9999
Stacy.williams3 @ email . com

November 7, 2016

Mr. Adam Gray
123 Cook Avenue
Bronx, NY 63811


Dear Mr. Gray:

As a dedicated and creative Hair Stylist, I would like to offer my services to Shelby’s. With my talents in hair cutting, designing and styling, I am eager to contribute to your future success.

The huge array of my experiences encompasses working with diverse people in varied environments. I know just what type of haircut or style will flatter a particular face-cut – long hair is not appropriate for an oval face! Working on haircuts and styles for so long, my interest in now focused on advanced hair treatments. I have attended several workshops on the different types of novel hair care treatments that are all the rage nowadays. From extensions to precision hairdos, I have aced it all! I have been noted as a trendsetter as my hair color formulation techniques are unique.

The Mohawk is my signature style and clients have been approaching me from all over the city so that they can get a perfect look. But my skills as a hair stylist does not end on this particular hair style.

I have been credited as a “master stylist” by my clients who have brought in quite a lot of business by word of mouth only. It is this faith in my work that gives me the confidence to try new things and bring fresh trends to hair styling industry.

My resume and portfolio of work is enclosed for your perusal. I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss your needs and my abilities in detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Stacy Williams

Enc. Resume