Hair Stylist Resume Objective Examples

Updated July 27, 2019

Resume objectives need to be robust and compelling and should not seem as if they have been written just to fill space.

The main aim of writing a resume objective is to make your resume rise to the top of the resume pile.

If you are applying for a position that requires creativity – like that of a hairstylist – your resume objective needs much attention.

A hairstylist is someone who handles customers’ beauty needs, especially pertaining to their hair.

People working at this position need to make sure that they shine on their resumes – hence, special attention must be paid to the objective statement.

Keeping a job description in front of you when you begin writing a resume objective is a great way of ensuring that you to write a compelling objective.

Remember, you may be judged solely based on the objective that you write on your resume, so it is essential to apply as much focus as possible here.

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The following is a list of possible objectives that you can write for a hair stylist resume.

Hair Stylist Resume Objective Examples

• Looking for a position as a Hair Stylist with Glendale Services using extensive knowledge of cutting and styling hair in accordance to clients’ instructions.

• Seeking a Hair Stylist position with Great Clips by employing extensive knowledge of using hair care products and tools in sync with popular styles.

• Desire a position as a Hair Stylist with Hair Club. Offering exceptional hair cutting and styling skills along with keen business and customer service acumen.

• To work as a Hair Stylist with Copper Cut. Anxious to put my creativity to work for a leader in the industry, by employing excellent knowledge of popular hairstyles and trends.

• To obtain employment as a Hair Stylist with Mattel using extensive knowledge of popular hairstyling trends and products and their use, depending on hair types.

• Looking for a Hair Stylist position with Coco Chen Hair Stylists. Eager to employ in-depth knowledge of haircare directives and styles. Six years of experience in making professional recommendations for hair care and styling.

• Desire a Hair Stylist position with Gene Salons and Spas. Offering extensive knowledge of cosmetology with 5 years of dedicated hair care experience in a salon environment.

• Seeking a position as a Hair Stylist with Lakewood Ranch Hair Salon. Anxious to provide salon patrons with hairstyling and haircare solutions. Offering wide-ranging knowledge of popular hair care brands and styles.

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