Visual Merchandiser Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 31, 2021

Be absolutely sure that you have written your Visual Merchandiser cover letter in the most dynamic and powerful way by using this checklist:

  • Is your cover letter original?
  • Does it follow a standard business letter format?
  • Is it no longer than one page?
  • Have you checked your cover letter for grammar, spelling, and syntax?
  • Have you used action verbs?
  • Have you given examples of accomplishments and/or skills in your cover letter?
  • Have you demonstrated your knowledge of the company?
  • Have you made sure that your cover letter does not replicate your resume?

Once you are done with this checklist, you can make a good cover letter for the visual merchandiser’s resume.

Visual Merchandiser Cover Letter Sample

Alexandra Felix
88 Pine Street
Reno, NV 32699
(000) 414-7874
a.felix @ email . com

March 31, 2021

Ms. Jessica Denver
Hiring Manager
2839 Castle Way
Reno, NV 33362

Dear Ms. Denver:

As a driven individual with a 6-plus-year track record of planning and executing impactful visual presentations, I would like to be considered for the Visual Merchandiser position at Zara.

Please refer to the following qualifications that I offer in this capacity:

  • Skilled in the implementation of visual and marketing communications across a broad spectrum of brands
  • Able to execute adjacency and planogram directives in sync with merchandising management
  • Proficient in maintaining an organized and safe visual stockroom and sustaining product quality during all merchandising efforts

I look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you and will be in touch with your office to arrange a possible meeting next week. Should you require any additional information, please give me a ring at (000) 414-7874.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alexandra Felix