Student Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 5, 2021

To gain experience before applying for a full-time position after graduation, students are sometimes employed by their own institute as a student assistant.

Depending on the faculty they are applying for, student assistants provide help in laboratories, school or college offices, and perform clerical jobs.

This experience provides them with insight into how a real-time work environment operates and also boosts their confidence.

Since student assistants can hold down a multitude of on-campus jobs, it is difficult to discuss just one aspect of this job.

For clerical roles, a student assistant may be expected to handle photocopying tasks or filing duties. In an administrative role, they may be required to welcome visitors and even provide assistance to campus police.

In a typical student assistant role, they are expected to assist other students in the lab or computers depending on where their services are needed.

An important part of a student assistant’s job is to organize bulletin boards and field calls from various people.

Additionally, a student assistant is responsible for outlaying flyers and brochures for courses that a college or university is offering.

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A detailed list of a student assistant’s work is given below for reference:

Sample Job Description for Student Assistant Resume

  • Provide assistance to students in the laboratory or computer classes
  • Type correspondence for teachers and ensure that letters and memos are given to correct recipients
  • Answer telephone calls and provide callers with information on college courses and fee structures
  • Update bulletin boards with the information provided by staff and hand out brochures and flyers depicting new courses or change in existing ones
  • Handle record-keeping and filing activities
  • Assist in planning and executing the details of campus events
  • Promote campus events by engaging in promotional and advertising activities
  • Type correspondence and emails for campus staff
  • Perform receptionist duties in order to assist visitors and parents
  • Handle student outreach programs by assisting in planning and execution of such programs
  • Oversee internal communication projects by providing support to project managers
  • Assist students with lower grades with assignments and projects
  • Make sure that computer equipment is in perfect working order at all times and troubleshoot any issues
  • Assist staff with planning and implementing directives for college trade shows
  • Provide new students with information on on-campus housing and other facilities
  • Assist new students with moving in and settling into campus life
  • Receive and disseminate mail and ensure that correct deliveries have been made

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