9 Student Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 5, 2021

To work as a student assistant, one has to be outgoing and confident. Educational institutes primarily look for students who have strong personalities and can handle challenging tasks along with managing their academic workload.

Student Assistant Job Description

There are a lot of tasks involved in working as a student assistant. From performing simple filing and record-keeping tasks to assisting other students in labs, student assistants do it all.

They provide support to campus staff in holding college fairs and also handle the front desk when needed.

Also, they take calls from students regarding class shuffles and scholarships, along with ensuring that students are provided with assistance when studying for exams or attempting challenging assignments.

As part of their work, student assistants are required to welcome new students to the campus and provide them with the necessary information that will help them settle down.

This may include escorting them to student housing facilities, informing them of rules and regulations, and assisting them in integrating into campus life.

Not every student can qualify as a student assistant; hiring managers perform great scrutiny in interviewing and hiring the right people for this job.

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The following set of interview questions and answers will provide you with an example of what to ask at an interview when hiring a student assistant.

Student Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

1. How did you find out that there is a position available for a student assistant?

Mr. Samuel Herring, my computer education teacher, encouraged me to apply for this position. I believe he found out from one of the staff members here and figured that I might qualify to be a successful student assistant.

2. Are you a student of this college enrolled in at least six hours of college credit?

Yes, I have over 50 hours of college credit enrollment in the same college.

3. Tell us about your career objectives as a student assistant?

I seek an opportunity in the university library where my acquired skills in administration, cataloging, and reception handling can be utilized effectively for the benefit of the university and the facilitation of young scholars.

4. What are the three core competencies you have to offer as a student assistant?

Excellent office management skills, proficiency in MS office suite, especially spreadsheets, and exceptional interaction skills.

5. How do you think your education, skills, and background make you the right candidate for this position?

I believe that I have the mettle to handle this position as I am at the top of my class and require very little extra work to stay on my toes. I understand that a significant part of working as a student assistant includes computer lab work, which I am already volunteering for in my class. I have been asked to help students on an informal basis during and after class for three months now, and I believe I am ready for this position on a regular basis.

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your people skills?

I am definitely a 9. I can get along with people from diverse backgrounds very quickly as I am patient and nonjudgmental. I also have an organized mind and can analyze adverse situations and come up with appropriate solutions effectively.

7. Do you have any prior experience in data collection?

Yes, during my research work while I was pursuing my associate’s degree, I conducted an extensive scale survey, the sample for which was drawn from among university students. I effectively collected and analyzed the data under the guidance of my supervisor.

8. How would you convince students to participate in research?

I would explain the whole thing to them first, making it sound fascinating, and then I’ll promise to share the final paper with them if they agreed to participate.

9. What administrative support you can provide to your department?

I am skilled in office management, correspondence handling, stationery replenishing, filling inventories, retrieving relevant data, and calendar keeping.


While confidence is the key to a winning interview, overconfidence can make you lose it all!

Even if you are sure you can counter interview questions, it is advisable to prepare well for your student assistant interview.

A student assistant position may require diverse skills varying from organizational abilities to customer service.

It is crucial to understand the specific role and requirements of the position you are being interviewed for, before appearing in the interview.

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