Student Services Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 16, 2019

Position Overview

Student services managers are employed by colleges and universities where their principal duties include recruitment, student registration, record maintenance, and financial needs.

They coordinate programs so that students can explore several career opportunities that the institute is offering and provide support in designing and developing various program activities.


One of the most important duties of a student services manager includes creating a bridge between students and staff.

They help new students adjust to campus life and are responsible for ensuring that all students possess a positive approach to college or university work.

A significant part of a student service manager’s work includes maintaining grade reports and course scheduling.

They coordinate with teachers to ensure that appropriate curriculum is set based on individual students’ needs.


Also, they oversee student staff and ensure that the students’ services team is working correctly.

Job Description for Student Services Manager Resume

• Collaborate with various departments within the institute including student services, scheduling, and education

• Handle course content changes and curriculum development activities by coordinating efforts with decision makers

• Manage and monitor requests for course lists and assist students in choosing courses effectively

• Handle surveys, courses, classes and data in course evaluation systems

• Create student course certificates and ensure that they are handed out to the right students

• Perform training, coordinating and supervision activities of student labor

• Provide support in student review procedures and enforce college or university policies and procedures

• Ensure that all safety rules are applied properly

• Contribute to the student support service by performing strategic planning processes

• Provide support in planning student induction by collaborating with curriculum staff

• Develop, track and record reviewing systems and maintain accurate and readily available student data

• Provide high-quality management and statistical data

• Ensure effective use of resources and maintain robust systems to track financial transactions

• Correspond with prospective students and career counselors who may be seeking admission standards information and provide them with appropriate information

• Assist in analyzing financial information submitted by prospective students looking for financial aid

• Select candidates based on merit and need for financial assistance

• Develop and maintain the database for administrative details and reports

• Plan and carry out student registration processes and develop corresponding written materials

• Train and supervise volunteers and student service workers

• Set and maintain operational quality and standards for student services teams

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