College Resident Assistant Job Description

Updated on: March 3, 2018

Be it assisted living facilities or educational institutes, the role of resident assistants is pivotal – especially where an academic environment is concerned.

Resident assistants working in college settings are responsible for ensuring a welcoming and inclusive campus community. They provide resources to existing and new students that will help them in settling down on the residential block.

Students who live on-campus usually find the presence of resident assistance quite favorable. This is because a resident assistant helps in providing support to students to make their lives conducive to learning. More often than not, existing students of a college are hired as resident assistants as they are more knowledgeable about college life and students’ wants than an outsider might be.

However, some colleges also hire people other than students to work as resident assistants.

Resident assistants working in a college environment need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills as they interact with students on a continuous basis.

They listen to problems faced by students in a residential community and act as a liaison between the students and the administrative personnel of the college to resolve issues. Some other duties that a resident assistant performs in a college setting include:


Resident Assistant Job Description in Colleges


• Assist new students in adjusting to campus life especially in a residential setting.

• Encourage students to get involved in residential activities.

• Create and implement programs aimed at meeting the needs of residents.

• Serve as role models for students in a personal and professional capacity.

• Approach students with behavior violations and document actions are taken.

• Respond to emergency and practice crisis management skills.

• Induct new students by familiarizing them with campus life.

• Initiate contact with students in need of assistance.

• Work with roommates to resolve differences.

• Refer students to appropriate college departments in a bid to address health issues.

• Explain and enforce facility rules and regulations.

• Ensure that the community bulletin board is kept active at all times.

• Ensure that the residence building is kept clean.

• Work as a mediator in the event of conflicts within the community.

• Role model appropriate campus behavior.

• Ensure good judicial standing.

• Assist in developing self-management and wellness skills.

• Assist residents in learning the importance of accepting personal actions.

• Ensure student interaction by designing and implementing interactive activities.