Assistant Principal Interview Questions and Answers

Updated July 12, 2017

When an interviewing is looming, you need to pick up your life jacket and hit the water. The “life jacket” here denotes preparation. Without preparing for an interview, you cannot expect to ace an interview, no matter how hard you try.

You may know all that there is to know about the work that you will be expected to do once you are hired, but if you are not aware of how you will be judged during an interview process, your chances of being hired are slim to none.

The following set of interview questions and answers for the position of an assistant principal will help you prepare for yours:



Assistant Principal Interview Questions and Answers


If you were asked to make a list of skills that an assistant principal needs to possess, what will be the top three ones?
I believe that it is important for assistant principals to possess:
1. Demonstrated knowledge of methods of effective instruction.
2. Ability to work effectively with students and parents from diverse backgrounds.
3. Capability of thinking critically, and providing meaningful feedback from processes such as student and teacher evaluation.

As an assistant principal, what were the main duties that you are responsible for in your current position?
Assisting the principal in the overall administration of the school, serving as an instructional leader for teachers and assistant teachers, encouraging and supporting the development of innovative instructional programs, promoting the use of technology in teaching and learning processes, handling teachers’ and staff members’ ongoing training and development needs, and establishing, maintaining and enforcing standards of conduct for students are just some of the main duties that I am responsible for in my present place of work.

What do you feel is the one quality that one needs to work at this position in a successful manner?
I believe that deep knowledge of the educational system, and how it is governed by local and state regulations is of the utmost importance.

Have you contributed to anything within the school which can be categorized as “improvement”?
Last year, I was successful in helping develop, maintain and use information systems to track progress on campus performance objectives and academic excellence. This I believe has been quite an achievement as it led to great improvement within the system that we were working in.

How do you handle challenging situations involving student behavior?
I am very straightforward when it comes to disciplinary actions. If a student has violated a school regulation, especially if the problem is behavioral in nature, I make sure that I take matters in my own hands, and reprimand the student in question, as is deemed necessary to the situation.

Would you describe yourself as a tough administrator?
I wouldn’t really want to coin myself as tough. I am strict when I need to be, and provide great leniency where it is required, so the balance in my administration is quite well-placed.