Steward Skills for Resume

Updated: March 25, 2018

One of the most challenging parts of writing a steward resume is creating the skills section.

Everything else that you put on a resume can be handled without much problem, as the information is usually in front of you in the form of job descriptions.

Where skills are concerned, you have to think.

What capabilities do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire?

What can you contribute to an organization?

What specific skills do you possess which can eventually help you achieve something, and in turn, help the company accomplish a goal?

It is not easy to answer all these questions in the form of skills statements.

In the good news department, skills statements can easily be derived from job descriptions. But this only works if you know that the job description does align with your skills.

If it doesn’t, it will be considered a fib, which has a high chance of being found out once you are hired, and are unable to handle the work assigned to you.

To keep it safe, do a self-analysis. Put the job description of the position for which you are applying in front of you, and then align your skills accordingly. Every time you get a check, you will have a skills statement.

Here are a few samples:

Sample Skills for Steward Resume

• Proven ability to performing a wide variety of duties, such as maintaining cleanliness of all dining utensils, and kitchen storage areas.

• Effectively able to assist with food storage, rotation, and preparation, such as preparing salads and garnishing dishes.

• Exceptionally talented in maintaining high standards of sanitation and cleanliness, in all assigned areas.

• Demonstrated expertise in accepting food items and cleaning supplies deliveries, and ensuring that they are placed in proper storage areas.

• Highly experienced in cleaning up spills, and removing broken glass, while keeping a low profile.

• Well-versed in assisting wait staff in moving tables and chairs, setting up highchairs, and helping the disabled patrons to navigate the floor.

• Adept at preparing for patrons, by cleaning up tables and setting them according to specified instructions.

• Solid track record of efficiently and aesthetically setting up seasonal decorations, candles, and tablecloths.

• Proficient in assisting patrons by offering menus, especially during occasions of rush hours.

• Focused on ensuring that all required items such as menus, condiments, and napkins are readily available for patrons.

• Deep familiarity with following protocols to clear tables as patrons leave, and preparing tables for the next set of guests.