8 Hotel Steward Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 17, 2021

If you are appearing for a hotel steward interview any time soon, it will be helpful if you read what we have to say.

Interviews may seem hard but they are, in actuality, avenues for you to reach your lifelong professional goals.

How is that?

Well, interviews are not designed to scare us – they are designed to determine if we are capable of doing what we claim that we can do in a resume and a cover letter.

And if you can ace an interview, your job is of course guaranteed.

The following set of interview questions and answers will help you:

8 Common Hotel Steward Interview Questions and Answers

1. What particular skills do you believe that hotel stewards should possess?

Hotel stewards need to be exceptionally customer oriented. They need to possess excellent knowledge of the hospitality industry along with making sure they are aware of the organization’s policies and protocols.

2. Why is customer orientation so important in this role?

Customers are a hotel’s prime assets. Since a hotel’s reputation and revenue depend on how satisfied a guest is with its services, it is important to keep them happy and ensure repeat business.

3. What have been your specific duties as a hotel steward in the past?

Apart from overseeing guest check in and checkout duties, I have been largely involved in ensuring that the details of events held at the hotel are properly managed and that all kitchen and service areas are kept clean and sanitized.

4. How would you satisfy a guest who has had a bad experience at the hotel and does not intend to come back again?

My first instinct would be to investigate what happened to make him feel this way. I would then apologize and make it up to him while remaining within the limitations set by the hotel management.

5. If your work was limited to the kitchen, what type of duties do you think you would be performing?

Overseeing the cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen equipment, supervising preparation of buffet spreads and ensuring that food safety and hygiene standards are maintained, would be my terrain while working in the kitchen.

6. What inherent personal qualities do you possess that make you a perfect choice to work as a hotel steward?

I possess excellent customer service skills and have great attention to detail, along with being inherently helpful and reliable.

7. Why do you think it is important to know more than one language when working at a hotel steward position?

Hotels service a lot of guests from different countries and it just adds to good customer services if a hotel steward knows how to communicate with them in their own language. By doing so, one makes guests comfortable and ensures repeat business and a good rating.

8. Has there ever been an incident when this was proven right?

There was a time when a guest from Sao Paulo came to stay at the hotel. Since he did not know much English, it was difficult for him to communicate much with anyone. Since I knew his language which was Portuguese, it helped in making him comfortable.