Grocery Cashier Resume Sample

Updated on: November 8, 2015


Instead of providing you with long-winded advice about how to choose the right resume format, let us give you something better – a checklist:

● Clear and concise and makes a positive impression in less than 30 seconds
● Free from spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes
● Maximum of two pages
● Presents skills and qualifications that match the employer’s requirements
● Must contain a list of accomplishments in it

Check them all and you are ready to write a positively amazing resume for grocery store cashier position.


Grocery Cashier Resume Sample


Sandra Watson

7888 Bridge Street ● Lowell ● MA 19232 ● (999) 999-9999 ● sandwat @ email . com



• Customer service-oriented with 6+ years’ experience in handling cashiering operations in large grocery stores.
• Focused on ensuring smooth operations on the till along with ensuring that general store operations are constantly supervised for efficiency.
• Track record of operating modern cash tills / registers such as Vend and Easycash.
• Demonstrated expertise in processing cash and credit / debit card transactions by employing accuracy.
• Proven ability to efficiently and accurately itemize customers’ purchases and handle returns and exchanges.
• Highly skilled in using electronic scanners to record prices and verifying prices according to price change sheets.


• POS Management • Drawer Balancing • Cash Reports Development
• Tax Calculation • Transaction Recording • Exchange Processing
• Payment Processing • Stocking/Merchandising • Sales Display Creation
• First Contact Services • Complaint Handling • Cash Levels Maintenance


SHOPKO, Lowell, MA (2010 to Present)
Grocery Store Cashier
• Greet customers as they arrive and provide them with information on where to find their desired products
• Ensure that customers are assigned sales representatives as soon as they arrive
• Scan purchases by operating scanning equipment and verify prices
• Receive payments by cash and credit / debit card and ensure that they are properly processed
• Issue receipts and refunds and ensure that customers are given the change that is due to them
• Establish and identify prices of goods that are not properly labeled
• Indulge in upselling activities by inviting customers to buy additional products
• Provide information regarding aftersales services and warrantees
• Bag purchases and ensure that they are carried out to customers’ vehicles
• Assist in handling customers by filling in for sales representatives during rush hours

Key Achievements
• Apprehended a shoplifter who had evaded the authorities for 17 months by actively following a hunch
• Reorganized the cashiering system and increased efficiency by 32% by ensuring that change is available at the beginning of each shift

MACY’S, Lowell, MA (2008 to 2010)
• Cleaned and maintained product shelves on a regular basis
• Ensured that shelves are properly stocked by keeping the 4 Ps of marketing in mind
• Assisted customers in looking for and choosing the products that they need
• Provided information regarding product features and ingredients
• Handled the general cleanliness and maintenance of the grocery store
• Performed product rotation duties and ensured that near expiry or expired products are removed from shelves

Key Achievements
• Retained a corporate customer who was disgruntled due to a quarrel with a sales representative, by providing exceptional customer services at the checkout counter
• Proved invaluable during a marketing campaign by assisting in meeting targets, encouraging customers to buy additional products at the cash counter

LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL, Fort Wayne, IN – 2008
High School Diploma