Grocery Cashier Resume Sample

Updated on: May 18, 2021
How to Write a Winning Resume for Grocery Cashier Position?

In order to get more interviews, your resume for the grocery cashier position should be:

  1. Clear and concise and makes a positive first impression in less than 30 seconds.
  2. Free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.
  3. Maximum of two pages.
  4. Presents skills and qualifications that match the employer’s requirements.
  5. Must contain a list of your relevant accomplishments.

Check them all and you are ready to write a positively amazing resume for the grocery store cashier position.

Sample Resume for Grocery Cashier Position

Sandra Watson
7888 Bridge Street, Lowell, MA 19232
(000) 999-9999
sandwat @ email . com


• Customer service-oriented with 6+ years of experience in handling cashiering operations in large grocery stores.
• Focused on ensuring smooth operations on the till along with ensuring that general store operations are constantly supervised for efficiency.
• Track record of operating modern cash tills/registers such as Vend and Easycash.
• Demonstrated expertise in processing cash and credit/debit card transactions by employing accuracy.
• Proven ability to efficiently and accurately itemize customers’ purchases and handle returns and exchanges.
• Highly skilled in using electronic scanners to record prices and verifying prices according to price change sheets.


Grocery Store Cashier
SHOPKO, Lowell, MA
(2015 – Present)
• Greet customers as they arrive and provide them with information on where to find their desired products
• Ensure that customers are assigned sales representatives as soon as they arrive
• Scan purchases by operating scanning equipment and verify prices
• Receive payments by cash and credit/debit card and ensure that they are properly processed
• Issue receipts and refunds and ensure that customers are given the change that is due to them
• Establish and identify prices of goods that are not properly labeled
• Indulge in upselling activities by inviting customers to buy additional products
• Provide information regarding aftersales services and warrantees
• Bag purchases and ensure that they are carried out to customers’ vehicles
• Assist in handling customers by filling in for sales representatives during rush hours
Key Achievements
• Apprehended a shoplifter who had evaded the authorities for 17 months by actively following a hunch
• Reorganized the cashiering system and increased efficiency by 32% by ensuring that change is available at the beginning of each shift

MACY’S, Lowell, MA
(2008 – 2015)
• Cleaned and maintained product shelves on a regular basis
• Ensured that shelves are properly stocked by keeping the 4 Ps of marketing in mind
• Assisted customers in looking for and choosing the products that they need
• Provided information regarding product features and ingredients
• Handled the general cleanliness and maintenance of the grocery store
• Performed product rotation duties and ensured that near expiry or expired products are removed from shelves
Key Achievements
• Retained a corporate customer who was disgruntled due to a quarrel with a sales representative, by providing exceptional customer services at the checkout counter
• Proved invaluable during a marketing campaign by assisting in meeting targets, encouraging customers to buy additional products at the cash counter

High School Diploma
LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL, Fort Wayne, IN – 2008

• POS Management
• Drawer Balancing
• Cash Reports Development
• Tax Calculation
• Transaction Recording
• Exchange Processing
• Payment Processing
• Stocking/Merchandising
• Sales Display Creation
• First Contact Service
• Complaint Handling
• Cash Levels Maintenance