Administrative Specialist Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 3, 2019

Skills are what will get an administrative specialist a job. .

Since your skills in this area will decide worth to a hiring manager, it is best to make good use of the skills section in the Administrative Specialist resume.


Providing information about your knowledge of giving support to different departments in an administrative capacity is important. Equally important is to show the recruiter that you are teachable, and can learn new things if and when required.

Where skills for an administrative specialist position is concerned, you have to be spot on. Find out what the hiring manager is looking for.

Then, match your skills and abilities with their requirements. You can now place your skills in well-organized skills statements.

Typically, your skills, such as knowledge of assisting with daily administrative tasks at the director level, will be tested.


You will also be required to offer information about your ability to support different teams, including human resources, marketing, communications, and sales.

Some skills statements for an administrative specialist resume are provided here:

Administrative Specialist Skills for Resume

• Unmatched ability to relieve supervisors of the administrative duties associated with the administration

• Effectively able to develop budget recommendations and justifications for supervisors

• Deeply familiar with analyzing and interpreting budget and financial data

• Highly skilled in maintaining systems for monitoring departmental projects and grant activities

• Exceptionally talented in gathering information and compiling data required for reports management

• Demonstrated expertise in calculating descriptive statistics, and preparing required documentation for assigned departments

• Proven ability to provide administrative support to departmental staff, by processing personnel action forms, and preparing job descriptions

• Proficient in responding to and initiating inquiries regarding purchasing, personnel, facilities, and specialized programs

• Solid track record of adequately preparing presentation materials to be used by department heads

• Adept at composing and preparing correspondence, memoranda, and promotional materials for different departments

• Well-versed in performing specialized administrative tasks in order to support specific program areas

• In-depth knowledge of supporting human resources and payroll processes, such as leave tracking and benefits calculation

• Skilled in arranging and coordinating travel and accommodation for department heads

• Highly experienced in monitoring and managing expenses within assigned budgets

• Deep familiarity with managing senior management’s calendars and schedules

• Expert in reviewing and revising work orders for administration staff members

• Competent in handling incoming and outgoing mail, ensuring that it is properly routed

• Qualified to provide operations and documentation support to managers

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