Medical Eligibility Specialist Skills for Resume

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Unless you are a skilled individual, it is not possible to get a job as a medical eligibility specialist. Why?

Well, hiring managers want to hire individuals who have had previous experience in a particular area.


However, many of us decide not to play the skills card, especially when we are writing a resume. Not done!

Let’s concentrate on what skills we can provide in a resume for a medical eligibility specialist position.

For starters, you must concentrate on your knowledge of the work.

Only then can you highlight the fact that you are skilled in performing correlating duties.


For instance, your ability to analyze documents and applications in order to determine if clients/patients meet eligibility criteria will be of great use to a hiring manager.

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A few statements highlighting this will make a great impression on a hiring manager who is looking for someone skilled in all associated areas.

Specifically, your skills in a medical eligibility specialist role should include your knowledge of connecting clients to resources. Here is a list of skills that you can put on a medical eligibility specialist resume:


Medical Eligibility Specialist Skills for Resume

• Proven ability to analyze applications in order to determine their specific eligibility for resources and programs.

• Demonstrated expertise in assessing clients face to face and through telephonic contact.

• Effectively able to review medical records, and interact with family members, advocates, and caregivers.

• Deeply familiar with identifying the need for evaluating medical and psychological conditions.

• Exceptionally well-versed in reviewing medical records, and communicating with clients to determine case metrics.

• Unmatched ability to manage a heavy caseload, with clearly defined productivity and quality requirements.

• Proven ability to evaluate data from various electronic sources.

• Talented in computing and authorizing benefits based on eligibility determination.

• Adept at reviewing applications for various aid programs, and ensuring that applicants meet eligibility requirements.

• Proficient in verifying the correctness and accuracy of the filled forms.

• Competent in performing fact-checking tasks in order to verify eligibility.

• Deep familiarity with providing counseling to clients, ensuring that their best interests are made a priority.

• Expert at computing and administering budgets, and ensuring that all disbursements are follow up on promptly.

• Qualified to prepare authorizations for prescribed medicines and approved services.

• Effectively able to expedite authorizations in order to ensure that needy clients are serviced immediately.

• Documented success in maintaining program statistics in order to record applications.


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