City Custodian Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 26, 2021
City Custodian Position Overview

Working as a city custodian is tough. You have to be able to handle cleaning and maintenance tasks in assigned areas of the city where you work.

As a city custodian, your main job will be to ensure that assigned areas such as roads, parking lots, and parks are properly maintained.

You will also need to ensure that trash removal and disposal is properly managed.

City Custodian Job Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility requirements to work as a city is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

If you have had prior experience in this regard, you may be considered a great candidate for the job.

Even if you have had some exposure to it in another capacity, your candidature will be considered.

City Custodian Skills and Abilities

Since the expanse of the work is quite vast, you have to possess the physical dexterity to handle its intricacies.

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In order for you to be considered a good person to hire as a city custodian, you must first understand the work and then apply for the job.

City Custodian Job Duties to Add in a Resume

• Check work orders to determine assigned cleaning and maintenance areas

• Determine the right tools and equipment required to handle the cleaning and maintenance work

• Sweep areas such as roads, sidewalks, and parking lots

• Ensure that debris and hazardous materials are removed from assigned d areas

• Dispose of trash in accordance with set rules and procedures

• Ensure that roads remain in good repair at all times.

• Inform heavy maintenance crew about potholes and other problems with roads and sidewalks

• Assist heavy maintenance crew in fixing the road and parking lot problems

• Wash down sidewalks after storms or during incidents of littering

• Spread sand on iced roads in order to ensure safety

• Clean and interior and exterior of city office buildings by sweeping and mopping floors

• Ensure that assigned park or recreational space areas remain clean and maintained at all times

• Order and stock materials and equipment required for cleaning purposes

• Shovel snow from sidewalks and roads, and assist in keeping assigned areas neat and clean

• Mow and fertilize assigned park areas, and assist with gardening tasks

• Perform irrigation assistance and support irrigation systems maintenance work

• Repair park equipment such as benches, tables, and play area furniture

• Assist with landscaping duties

• Perform light maintenance duties such as moving tables and benches, and installing signboards

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