Special Education Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 20, 2021
Special Education Assistant Job Description

Working with children with special needs is a challenging job.

Since the requirements of unique children are a lot higher than their age fellows, many people are hired at different positions to meet these needs.

One crucial role is that of a special education assistant who provides continuous support to a special education teacher.

Special education assistants support lead teachers with developing curriculum and lesson plans following each person’s individual needs.

They need to be very careful when developing educational plans as that can mean the world to a person with special needs.

Special education assistants lend a hand with teachers in imparting education, handling classroom behavior, and managing unruly performance by employing techniques that they have been taught during training.

In most cases, special education assistants also help out their students with handling personal needs such as toileting and changing clothes.

In order to work in this position, one must be patient and understanding along with possessing in-depth training in handling people with special needs.

While special education assistants are more popular with children, many are also hired in facilities that handle adults who need life skills reinstating or confidence development.

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If you have an interest in providing special education and this work interests you, you may also be interested in the following list of duties that are particular to this position.

These statements will be helpful when building a resume.

Sample Duties for Special Education Assistant Resume

  • Assist special education teachers in developing academic and recreational curriculum
  • Provide support in planning individually based lesson plans and imparting them successfully
  • Control the behavior of participants in a special education program
  • Ensure that the personal needs of participants are taken care of on an immediate basis
  • Observe participants for irregular behavior and take measures to correct it
  • Adapt classroom activities in order to reinforce classroom objectives
  • Monitor participants during assigned periods to ensure that they conform to the policies of the institute
  • Ensure that the environment is safe and free from any hazardous objects
  • Report observations and incidents to the lead teacher or the management
  • Respond to emergencies by employing CPR and First Aid training
  • Use tact and diplomacy when handling adverse situations
  • Assist participants in meeting their educational goals
  • Provide physical assistance such as with wheelchairs or other equipment
  • Research for instructional materials and ensure that all resources are available at all times
  • Take and record participants’ personal information and medical histories in proper files

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