Special Education Assistant Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: December 25, 2022

Being a professional in your special education arena is not sufficient, especially when it is time to reach out to a prospective employer.

What works here is your ability to create a resume that says more about you than anything else will.

And to be able to write such a resume, you need three things i.e. good format, great writing skills, and the ability to stay relevant.

Here is a sample resume for the special education assistant position to show you how this can be done.

Special Education Assistant Resume Example

Jessica Holland
721 Peach Avenue
Fresno, CA 56520
(000) 824-6321
jessicaholland @ email .com


Reliably achieving performance goals

Dedicated Special Education Assistant with extensive experience in performing human support and paraprofessional work. Documented success in assisting lead teachers in creating and imparting educational programs to meet the individual needs of students. Proactive and helpful approach.

– Mobility Assistance – Instructional Support
– Counseling – Equipment Operations
– Behavior Modification – Record-Keeping
– Toileting/Clothing Support – Materials Research
– Demonstrations – Monitoring
– Student Safety – Student Assessment


Special Education Assistant
Fresno Behavioral Healthcare, Fresno, CA 
6/2014 – Present
• Recognize the signs of distress in a student by closely monitoring him and raising the alarm, thereby saving him from hurting himself.
• Implement a behavior modification plan for students with ADHD, which is now being used as a base to create customized modules.
• Create and maintain meaningful relationships with students to determine their individual special needs.
• Assist the lead teacher in creating and implementing lessons by providing support in imparting each module and concept.
• Instruct students individually or in groups.
• Provide special assistance to those who may have attention issues.
• Monitor students within the class to ensure that they are paying attention and to make sure that their physical and emotional safety is assured.
• Create records of each student.

Special Education Aide
City School, Fresno, CA
8/2009 – 6/2014
• Introduced the concept of “self-reliance”, which encouraged students to work on their own in controlled environments.
• Singlehandedly created a student record-keeping procedure that was deemed 50% more efficient.
• Escorted students to and from washrooms and cafeterias and assisted them with their toileting and eating needs.
• Evaluated each student on a constant basis.
• Provided relevant feedback to the lead teacher.
• Assisted students with mobility needs by lifting them in and out of wheelchairs and assisting them on the school bus
• Ensured that all records were updated on a periodic basis.

Teacher Assistant
Fresno Public Schools, Fresno, CA
2/2007 – 8/2009
• Monitored the classroom during the teacher’s absence or when classwork was being done.
• Assisted students in understanding difficult concepts by providing them with one on one help.
• Ascertained the overall safety and well-being of each student by ensuring that the class environment was safe and secure.
• Took and recorded attendance and provided feedback to the lead teacher in cases of tardiness or low attendance.
• Supervised students outside of class, especially during lunchtime, outdoor activities, and with embarking and disembarking from the school bus.

Bachelor of Science in Education
California State University, Fresno, CA – 2002
Concentration: Special Education

Special Education Assistant Job Description

• Comprehend the basis of each special education program by conferring with the lead special education teacher in detail.
• Assist the lead teacher in developing and implementing special education programs in accordance with each student’s specific needs.
• Create and develop learning materials to assist students in understanding concepts taught in class.
• Supervise each student constantly to ensure that he or she is safe and emotionally stable.
• Help students with mobility and other daily tasks such as toileting, washing, and eating.
• Escort students to playgrounds, bus stops, and during recreational field trips.
• Provide support to students in using specialized equipment.
• Assess students to evaluate their emotional and learning progress and intervene where necessary.
• Assist students with severe disabilities by providing dedicated personal care.
• Provide special assistance to students who may appear distressed or disturbed.
• Support students in understanding instructions provided by the lead teacher and carry out assignments.
• Assist students physically and emotionally during in-school therapy sessions.
• Use specialized skills such as teaching Braille to students with visual impairments.
• Create and maintain students’ records in a safe and confidential manner.

Special Education Teacher Assistant Job Requirements

To be eligible for a special education teacher assistant position, you will need a high school diploma or an associate’s degree in special education. If you have worked as an SNA (special needs assistant), you will be given a lot more preference than someone who only has the education to bank on.

Experience in this field is of the utmost importance. Extensively learning on the job is not really possible – you cannot learn at the expense of your students who rely on you for their needs. But of course, some learning is done on the job.

Special education teacher assistants need to possess a certain personality that makes them good at what they do. They cannot just be sympathetic – they have to be empathetic to the rigors of the lives of people with special needs. Patience needs to be an inherent feature.