Clinic Aide Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: February 20, 2021
Clinic Aide Job Description

Support staff in any organization holds an important position. People working in support roles are very valuable as their input helps seniors in authority to work at their pace and in a smooth manner.

Clinic aides, for instance, help doctors and RNs by handling both administrative and medical work.

Commonly known as medical assistants, clinic aides work in clinical settings where they are required to handle medical records, schedule appointments, and also provide direct patient care under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Administrative Vs Clinical Responsibilities

Clinic aides take and record patient information, prepare them for examinations and administer medication too.

A major part of their work includes handling the front desk of a clinic along with making sure that the flow of patients is smooth and orderly.

As part of their clinical duties, clinic aides clean and sterilize instruments, change dressings and prepare examination rooms.

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Clinic Aide Administrative Duties

  • Take and record patients’ information such as history and symptoms
  • Ensure that all patient information is updated properly in the clinic database
  • Answer telephone calls and provide the information asked for
  • Take and verify insurance information
  • Assist patients in filling out registration and insurance forms
  • Arrange for laboratory tests and handle billing procedures
  • Perform light bookkeeping activities
  • Provide procedure education to patients and their families
  • Educate patients about what to expect in the procedure of examination rooms
  • Order supplies and ensure the proper inventory

Clinic Aide Clinical Duties 

  • Prepare patients for medical exams and procedures
  • Perform limited nursing procedures such as taking vitals and dressing wounds
  • Assist doctors during the medical examination
  • Set out instruments as per the doctors’ instructions and hand instruments as required
  • Sterilize and store medical instruments in accordance with the clinic’s procedures and standards
  • Ensure that exam rooms are clean and sanitized properly
  • Explain treatment procedures for customers
  • Collect and prepare specimens for laboratory tests
  • Set up equipment and ensure proper maintenance on equipment
  • Ensure proper disposing of clinical waste and contaminated supplies
Clinic Aide Job Requirements

While formal education is not a prerequisite for eligibility to work at this position, many employers prefer that applicants who possess a high school diploma and current certification in CPR and First Aid.

A caring and nurturing attitude are a must in this position as a huge number of patients are distressed when they arrive at a clinic.

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