Pre-K Teacher Assistant Job Description Sample

Updated on: April 13, 2022
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Pre-K or pre-kindergarten teacher assistants provide support to teachers leading a pre-kindergarten program.

They typically indulge in handling children aged between 4 and 5 years by adapting classroom activities to reinforce classroom goals and objectives.

In general, pre-k teachers take instructions from a lead teacher who provides them with information on what a class is going to be taught on a particular day or through the week or month.

They support lead teachers in handling individual students and groups of students by imparting lessons. They support young students with assignments and also manage student behavior within a classroom.

A pre-k teacher also must handle ancillary work, such as creating materials for class instruction. This may include making posters, cutouts, and flashcards. They also help teachers in managing students during activities such as sports and field trips.

To work as a pre-k teacher, one must be good with children aged between 4 and 5. One must be able to handle temper tantrums and assist children in handling their personal needs, such as toileting and washing.

Since these are some of the important prerequisites of working as a pre-k teacher, it is imperative to indulge in appropriate preschool training.

Pre-K Teacher Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist lead teachers in planning, developing, and implementing the age-appropriate curriculum.

• Provide support to lead teachers in devising and imparting lesson plans on a daily basis.

• Set up interest centers and prepare instructional material such as flashcards and cutouts.

• Supervise students within the classroom and during recreational activities.

• Provide an environment of comfort and security for young students by indulging in nurturing behavior.

• Distribute and collect workbooks and worksheets and assist students in their assignments.

• Guide independent study and handle remedial work activities.

• Assist students during lunchtime, toileting, and washing activities.

• Enforce cleanup activities after lunchtime by modeling appropriate behavior.

• Observe students for changes in behavior and report findings to the lead teacher.

• Assist the lead teacher in evaluating students and writing down assessments.

• Supervise students during field trips to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

• Organize and supervise physical education programs during school time.

• Handle student record keeping, filing, and photocopying activities.

• Provide input on the overall progress of a student during parent-teacher meetings.

• Supervise and impart instruction to students in the absence of the class teacher.

• Provide one-on-one support to young students, such as helping them write their names or learning initial counting.