Nursery Teaching Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: September 2, 2022

Lead teachers working for nurseries are considered very important people. But so are nursery teaching assistants without whom, lead teachers cannot effectively teach a class.

Teaching assistants are hired specifically to make the lead teacher’s work easy so that she can concentrate on instruction primarily.

Working as a nursery teaching assistant is challenging for many reasons, including the fact that one has to be constantly on one’s toes because of the young age of the students.

Working as a nursery teaching assistant will require you to possess a degree in early childhood teaching.

Since actual instruction is not all that a nursery teaching assistant does, it is imperative for her to be able to handle behavioral problems and evaluate students constantly.

Also, one has to be extremely patient and understanding if one wants to work in this capacity because young children are actually quite hard to control.

Nursery teaching assistants are hired by schools and facilities that cater specifically to the requirements of toddlers. Since this stage in a child’s life is important because it marks the beginning of their schooling, it is imperative for teaching assistants to be well-trained.

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Nursery Teaching Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Create classroom environments that are safe and conducive to learning for young students

• Assist lead teachers in imparting instruction by providing students with instructional support

• Create and distribute instructional aides and materials and assist students in comprehending difficult concepts

• Assist teachers in developing and implementing learning activities and supervise group activities

• Manage students’ behavior within the classroom and address behavioral issues appropriately

• Monitor students to ensure that they are responding appropriately and report any student discomfort or distress to the lead teacher

• Clear away materials and aides after each class and ensure the overall cleanliness of the classroom

• Assist students in handling their personal needs including toileting and washing and help them in eating lunch or snacks

• Create and maintain records of each student in a confidential manner

• Assist lead teachers in implementing development assessments for each student to determine his or her strengths and limitations

• Provide support to the lead teacher in developing and implementing core lesson plans

• Maintain discipline within the classroom and in play areas and ensure that all students are kept safe and accidents are minimized

• Observe students detect signs of illness, injury, or emotional abuse and alert the lead teacher immediately

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