Fine Dining Server Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated: December 23, 2020

Being a server in a fine dining establishment carries a definitive set of skills and talents. In such a place the food is so much better (and more expensive) than in an ordinary restaurant, so diners expect the service to be excellent as well, and you have to factor that in when you serve them.

First of all, welcome customers with a smile; make them feel not only welcome but special. Your customers are here for the experience of dining in that particular restaurant, so they must be made to feel so special that they’ll want to keep coming back! You must know the menu well and have information on the prices as well.

Keep yourself squeaky clean. Nails should be impeccably manicured; hair should be extremely neat. For women servers, keep make-up to a minimum.

Serve the diners in the order of women, men, and then children – this is internationally accepted. Pay particular attention to your table. If there’s a baby, don’t wait for someone to ask for a high chair – get it quickly. In the end, put the bill on the table and go away. Don’t hover over the table at any time, but keep an eye on it so that the customers can signal for you when they want.

Sample Qualifications and Skills for Fine Dining Server Resume

• Particularly effective in providing excellence in hospitality services

• Excellent capability of anticipating guests’ needs and fulfilling them appropriately

• Working knowledge of the foodservice industry

• Exceptional attention to detail

• Ability to be patient under stressful circumstances

• Ability to maintain a pleasant demeanor at all times

• Understanding of handling financial transactions

• Well-honed ability to work in a multilingual/multicultural environment
• Able to multitask effectively

• Conversant in problem resolution and conflict management

• Competent in setting tables with appropriate cutlery

• Knowledge of different glasses used for different beverages

• Skilled in folding napkins

• Exceptional communication skills

• Committed to take and deliver instructions with accuracy

• Proficient in maintaining a clean and sanitized workplace

• Adept at using suggestive selling practices with the utmost of subtlety