Fine Dining Server Assistant Job Description and Duties

Updated October 21, 2022
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Fine dining restaurants make a lot of effort to ensure that their facilities get 5-star ratings.

One such thing is hiring people who have defined roles to play within the restaurant.

A fine dining server assistant is one such individual who is hired to assist a host or waiter in serving customers what they have ordered.

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to work as a fine dining server assistant.

If you have some experience or exposure to working in a fine dining environment, your candidature will of course be more profound and will allow you to work well.

As a fine dining server assistant, you have to be on your toes all the time, making sure that orders are delivered on time, and that customers’ wishes are fulfilled.

Greeting customers, assisting them in finding the right tables according to their tastes, looking into reservations, and serving welcome drinks are all part of the work of a fine dining server.

If you are interested in climbing the career ladder in the food service industry, starting out as a fine dining server assistant may be just what the doctor ordered.

Some of the main duties that a fine dining server assistant is expected to perform are provided in the list below:

Fine Dining Server Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist servers in serving food and beverage items, especially to large groups of customers.

• Ascertain that all condiments and other supplies such as napkins and extra cutlery items are available within the dining room.

• Maintain cleanliness of the dining area, making sure that all tables, chairs, and surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized.

• Place crockery and cutlery on tables and ensure that glassware is properly placed.

• Interact with customers in a proper manner, gauging their requirements and communicating the same to servers and waiters.

• Follow up on customers’ orders to ensure timely and accurate delivery of food and beverage items.

• Refill customers’ water glasses and take additional orders for drinks and starters.

• Present customers with menus and assist them in making informed choices according to their specific tastes.

• Observe customer activity within the restaurant and clear tables of dirty dishes as soon as they leave.

• Keep the host area properly stocked with takeaway menus, condiments, toothpicks, and business cards.

• Perform restroom checks to ensure that all supplies are available and replenish used supplies such as soap and paper towels.

• Present customers with checks at the end of their dining experience and ensure that change and receipts are returned.