6 Nurse Extern Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: July 28, 2021

Each resume for nurse extern begins with either an objective or a summary statement. A candidate who forgo the use of either is usually at a loss. Why?

Because there is a lack of attraction in resumes that begin abruptly. More than an objective statement, it is the resume summary that makes an impact on the hiring manager.

As a matter of fact, a resume summary is more comprehensive, making your resume come across as that of a professional who is ready to tackle anything meted out to him.

Nursing extern resume summaries are simply short excerpts of information that tell hiring managers how suitable a candidate is for the advertised job.

It is important to use keywords derived from job advertisements when writing a resume summary. Another thing that is important is ensuring that the summary does not go past 5 lines – a good summary is one that moves between 3 and 5 lines.

It is not important to write the name of the company for which you are applying when writing a resume summary. However, there is no rule against it. Be sure to mention your skills associated with the job and make sure that you do not mention anything that may be perceived as negative.

Here are a few examples of professional summaries for a nurse extern position:

6 Nurse Extern Resume Summary Examples

1. Top-performing Student Nurse with great skills in providing direct patient care and handling related clinical activities. Exceptionally well-versed in managing emergency situations by applying extensive training in working in an emergency room environment.

2. Passionate nursing student who is presently enrolled in a nursing program at AA College aimed at acquiring nursing licensure. Proficient in providing direct patient care under the supervision of a nurse manager. Effectively educates patients and ensures their general wellbeing and comfort.

3. Highly organized nursing student with sufficient exposure to handling medicine administration activities. Highly skilled in providing basic patient care including assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, and changing.

4. Passionate Nursing student looking for an externship applying deep insight into providing basic patient care, taking and recording vital signs, and maintaining a safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment for patients.

5. Hardworking and well-organized nursing student with deep knowhow of performing routine treatment procedures such as blood draws wound care and catheterization. Extensive background in assisting with specialty bed functions with complete focus on ensuring patient comfort and wellbeing.

6. Efficient nursing student who has sufficient exposure to providing direct bedside care to patients. Extremely well-organized and resourceful with a deep understanding of standard medical and emergency response procedures.