Fine Dining Server Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated June 25, 2022
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Fine Dining Server Job Description

Working primarily in fine dining restaurants and upscale hotels, fine dining servers perform a variety of hospitality services within a restaurant.

They take orders from customers, provide them with information on daily specials, deliver orders, and ensure that every other aspect of customer service is covered so that customers are converted into patrons.

Since fine dining servers work in upscale restaurants, they are considered part of the dining experience.

They are expected to provide meal recommendations and wine pairing suggestions and also educate customers about ingredients in dishes that they serve.

Fine dining servers need to possess some experience in working in fine dining restaurants as they are considered the epitome in restaurant services.

Fine dining training is usually provided to servers by the experienced wait staff, and a particular focus is placed on ensuring recurring business.

While many duties of a fine dining server are the same as a regular server in a fast food joint, some differ.

Fine-dining servers are required to give more attention to customers and the service so that customers commend the overall dining experience.

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Job Duties for Fine Dining Server Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive at the restaurant and inquire into their seating preferences.

• Gauge customers’ seating needs (by counting the number of people in a party), and lead them to appropriate tables.

• Assist customers in seating and provide them with menus

• Provide customers with information on revolving menu items and daily specials.

• Leave customers for a little time to give them a chance to choose from the menu but keep an eye out for customer calls.

• Answer questions regarding menu items and ingredients and provide information regarding diet items and specials.

• Suggest appropriate wines and other beverages with meals.

• Maintain knowledge of any items that the kitchen may be running out of.

• Take orders for lunch and dinner and repeat taken orders to ensure accuracy.

• Inform customers about the time it will take for their orders to be prepared and served.

• Relay orders to the kitchen, and ensure that they are prepared according to the recipe.

• Check prepared orders for accuracy and portion and ensure that they are served in a time-efficient manner.

• Prepare drinks according to customers’ instructions and serve them in a timely manner.

• Ask customers if they would like anything else with their orders.

• Assist cashiers in preparing checks for served meals and delivering checks to customers.

• Take payment in exchange for services rendered and tender any change.

• Make sure that tables are cleared, cleaned, and bussed properly before the next set of customers arrive.