Security Guard Resume Sample

Updated on: December 16, 2017

In order to write an effective resume for security guard position, think along these lines:

• What information do I need to put in a resume?

• Do I need to have a number of sections in my resume? Which ones are most important?

• What specific information should I be focusing on?

Answer these and proceed with your resume writing endeavors. Here is what a resume should look like once it is built:

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Security Guard Resume Sample



William Potter

619 Main Street ● Sharpsburg, PA 15290 ● (000) 477-5487 ● w_potter @ email . com


Highly-vigilant, trustworthy and highly competent

9+ years’ track record of creating a safe and secure environment for public and property. Friendly and polite with expertise in patrolling industrial, commercial and residential properties. Adept at detecting signs of intrusion and ensuring the security measures are put into place.

• Monitoring and authorizing entrance and departure of employees and visitors.
• Providing safety against theft owing to exceptionally well-placed security maintenance skills.
• Responding to emergency situations in a prompt manner.
• Detecting and reporting fraudulent activities such as shoplifting and vandalism.


• Patrolling • Armed Protection • Alarm Systems Monitoring
• Vandalism Prevention • Vigilance • Suspect Observation
• Public Education • Access Control • Emergency Equipment
• Surveillance • Problem Resolution • Investigation

• Prevented considerable loss to the company by apprehending a thief who was about to take off with products worth millions of dollars.
• Decreased crime rate within the shopping mall by 60% by placing security personnel in each aisle.
• Increased patrolling efficiency by 50% by suggesting use of binoculars so that each guard can cover a bigger area.
• Trained 10 newly hired security guards in handling investigative and security measures for large concerns.


OMNI HOTELS, Sharpsburg, PA (7/2011 to Present)
Security Guard
• Greet visitors as they arrive in a positive manner and ensure that they have permission to enter the premises.
• Verify personal status (guests or visitors) prior to allowing people venture inside the hotel.
• Scan luggage to ensure that no unauthorized items, such as drugs and arms are being carried.
• Monitor and authorize entrance and departure for employees and guests / visitors.
• Circulate among visitors and guests so that proper order can be maintained.
• Educate people within the vicinity about rule infractions and violations.
• Patrol the inside and outside of the building to ensure that no nefarious activity takes place.
• Inspect security systems and alarms on a regular basis and ensure that they are constantly adjusted to meet the requirements of the day.
• Apprehend thieves and criminals and ensure that they are handed over to the authorities immediately.
• Investigate break ins, acts of vandalism and thefts and ensure that nay loopholes are corrected on a priority basis.

MACY’S, Sharpsburg, PA (1/2007 to 7/2011)
Security Officer
• Assisted lead security guards in performing patrolling services.
• Checked suspicious bags and people before they entered the premises.
• Ascertained that any illegal items are confiscated and carriers reported immediately.
• Performed investigative services to determine loopholes that caused thefts and acts of vandalism.
• Circulated assigned aisles to discourage thefts and shoplifting activities.


Security Guard Training
Coursework: The Role of the Security Guard ~ Ethics and Conduct ~ Legal Powers and Limitations ~ Access Control Systems ~ Emergency Situation Handling ~ Communication ~ Public Relations

High School Diploma

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