Unarmed Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 6, 2018

All the effort and time that you have put into writing your resume and cover letter will be further tested at the interview stage.

This stage is difficult in the sense that you have to ace it while sitting in front of the person who has the deciding power to hire you – or reject you.

But your aim should be to be hired immediately.

Preparation is key here. And the following set of unarmed security guard interview questions and answers will help you with it:


Unarmed Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers

What motivated you to peruse a career in security?
I find working as a security guard to be right down my alley. I am an energetic individual, both physically and emotionally, and my interest in serving an organization by providing them with the benefit of this strength is what led to me perusing a career as a security guard.

Why did you not opt to train as an armed security guard?
I have trained as an armed security guard, but I prefer not to work in that capacity. For me, guns are not always the solution.

How do you intend to contribute to an unarmed security guard capacity?
As an unarmed security guard, I am well-versed in performing inspections to determine signs of trouble, and can quickly intervene and resolve issues. While working at this position, I can contribute by keeping a vigilant eye on people and things, and ensure that no harm comes to either.

How do you feel about the danger associated with working as an unarmed security guard?
The perils of this work are a given. I do not dwell on them. However, I do take measures to ensure that I keep out of harm’s way. The rest is destiny!

Have you ever been in a situation where your good sense kicked in and saved the day?
Quite recently, I was in a situation where I was always uncomfortable about a guest who had checked into the hotel where I was working. Although his credentials were excellent, I was uneasy about him. I voiced my concerns to the management, who did a background check, and discovered that the guest in question was linked to an international terrorist gang. It was a close call.

What are your 5-year career plans?
Within the next 5 years, I hope to have acquired enough experience in this capacity to be able to head a team of security guards.