Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers

March 6, 2018

Position Overview

Security guards are hired by companies and individuals to provide security services to their assigned areas.

They are expected to manage both preventive security measures and to apprehend wrongdoers. They monitor people entering and exiting buildings and warn them of rule violations or infractions.

Being a security guard is not an easy job. Intense training is needed to be able to work well in this position and an individual needs to be extremely vigilant and alert at all times.

Recruiters often look for signs of laziness when interviewing candidates for this position and at the slightest sign of one, they are rejected immediately.

See the following questions and answers to get ideas what a recruiter can ask in an interview for a security guard position.


Interview Questions and Answers for Security Guard


What are the major duties of a security guard?
Depending on the environment that a security guard is working in, they patrol commercial and residential buildings to ensure that there is no sign of nefarious activities, monitor CCTV cameras, perform surveillance and ensure the general safety and well-being of the residents in the assigned community.

What type of skills are required to work as a security guard?
Security guards need to be extremely vigilant as well as skilled in handling adverse situations. While they cannot enforce the law, they can ensure that law and order are maintained. To work at this position, one has to be physically dexterous and possess an active mind. Additionally, one needs to be well-trained in using firearms in situations that demand extreme action.

Imagine that you are working as a security guard in a commercial building. What would be your first task?
Screening people who enter the building, ensuring that they are not carrying prohibited items such as arms or drugs and looking out for suspicious persons, would be the primary duty in a commercial setting.

What would be the standard operating procedure for determining how a theft took place that was overlooked by security personnel?
If such an incident transpired and was not detected by other members of the security team or me, I would suggest looking at CCTV footage to find out who the perpetrators were and how security was breached. I would then ensure that all loopholes were managed appropriately.

How would you make sure that undue instances do not transpire?
The key to making a community or premises as secure as possible is to make sure that a vigilant eye is kept on surroundings.

Have you ever found yourself in untoward circumstances where your skills were tested?
There was this incident when things kept disappearing from the store, and since the scanners never showed anything untoward as far as customers were concerned, I had no choice but to focus on the staff. It so happened that a custodian was sneaking things out after hours which I figured out after a lot of detective work!

In your opinion, what three things should security guards do to ensure that they are successful in preventing theft?
Vigilance, visibility, and observation are the three main things that security guard should ensure if he wants to be successful in preventing theft.

How does “visibility” help?
Being a deterrent to criminals is what security guards are all about. If they are “seen” constantly and project a “no-nonsense” image, criminals are automatically discouraged.

How do you know when to enlist external help?
Security guards can practice law up to a certain limit. After that, it is up to the authorities to take over. While I know exactly how to look for and catch suspicious individuals or investigate thefts, it is not up to me to keep someone under lock and key. This is where I ask for external assistance.

In what situation would you use a weapon?
Unless there is a direct threat to any individual, I am not authorized to use arms. But if I sense that a potentially harmful situation is about to take place, I will have no choice but to use a gun to save innocent lives.

What made you decide that this is the career you wanted to pursue?
I never thought of wanting to be anything else since I have always been interested in and awed by security services.

Tell us about one of your most significant achievements.
I am proud to say that I assisted in devising an alarm system that works with body heat sensors. I was the prime source of information and feedback for this project

Do you have anger issues? If yes, how do you deal with them?
I am not temperamental by nature, but there are times when even the most docile of people lose their tempers. Especially in a setting where law enforcement is involved. It might seem a bit childish but counting from one to ten takes the edge out of my behavior like a charm!

How do you manage to work the night shift?
It is not too difficult when you are already rested during the day. I usually ask my employer to provide me with a day off in between so I can manage my sleep cycle well.

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