Security Guard Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on February 2, 2016

Apart from skills, education and professional experience, there is one more thing that defines your professional profile as a security guard i.e. your accomplishments. What you have achieved is important to an employer who is looking to hire someone who can replicate the same in their organization too – or better still, achieve something even higher for them! Hence, a security guard resume without a dedicated accomplishments section is never considered complete.

How does a job seeker separate accomplishments from regular job duties? This is a question that we often ask ourselves when we are attempting to fill out the accomplishments/achievements section. It can seem a bit confusing. Think of it this way. Job duties are what you will find in employment contract copy handed over to you on your first day at a new job. An accomplishment is something that you have gained by performing these job duties to the best of your abilities and produced some results. There is always a positive outcome of the latter, translating into benefits for either the employee or the company – ideally, for both.

When you write your accomplishments in a resume, make sure that you use numbers as much as possible. Nothing translates your achievements better than those $ and % signs. And here is how you can word your accomplishments sentences, both with and without the benefit of these signs:

Sample Accomplishments for Security Guard Resume

• Reduced thefts by a staggering 55% by increasing vigilance especially on customers leaving the premises

• Streamlined the procedure to detect and apprehend shoplifters by suggesting installation of CCTV cameras

• Implemented new loss prevention techniques which reduced lossess by 60000$

• Idenfied security loopholes which significantly reduced potential risks

• Prevented a largescale robbery by following a hunch and returning to the building afterhours and apprehending the perpetrators while in the act

• Increased building security by actively patrolling the premises and creating a presence toward of potential robberies and vandals

• Awarded the Staff Commendation Award for 0 thefts and loss between 2010 and 2015

• Augmented security of premises and people by suggesting issuance of security passes for personnel not associated with the building (visitors and customers)

• Decreased loss prevention occurrences by 85% by deploying security personnel to different parts of the store

• Suggested enhanced access control which reduced crime (shoplifting particularly) by 88%

• Saved a newborn baby from being abducted by noticing suspicious box being taken away from the hospital and detaining the abductor until authorities arrived

• Determined the cause of missing merchandise by detecting unusual activities in the warehouse and apprehending the offender who was an overnight stocker

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