Achievements define us both as individuals and as professionals. If you haven’t mentioned your accomplishments in your resume or cover letter for secretary position, you have missed out on highlighting your most marketable asset. It is quite unfortunate that many applicants fails to mention how good they are in something, making prospective employers feel that they have yet to achieve the first milestone in their careers.

A dedicated section for achievements should be present on a secretary resume. Right after your qualifications and skills section, make sure that your achievements are listed. Why in this order? Because when an employer reads the skills section, he will immediately wonder what you have done with these skills to make a mark. Don’t let him wonder for too long as he will lose interest and will probably just ditch your resume. Get to the point immediately by penning down your achievements in the very next section!

When the achievements section follows closely after the qualifications or skills section, it denotes that you were able to use your skills to make a difference, particularly to benefit the company. To find out how to write your accomplishments in a secretary resume, refer below for a list of a secretary achievements.

Secretary Achievements for Resume

• Introduced core office systems which resulted in increased efficiency of work processes
• Implemented a novel filing system which dynamically assigned library numbers to folders and files
• Reorganized the office supplies inventory system, incorporating a module that sounded alarms when the inventory for any item went lower than 30%
• Decreased office supplies cost by $58000 by switching from an expensive supplier to a cheaper one who offered the same quality
• Set up a core system to organize incoming mail which eliminated distribution hurdles completely
• Streamlined the client scheduling system, resulting in increased communication between office and clients
• Singlehandedly prepared a plethora of materials, now being used for all workshops and conferences that the company organizes
• Introduced and implemented a forms processing system, resulting in a 50% decrease in processing time
• Successfully implemented a client information system, decreasing information pulling time by 80%
• Scheduled 3 meetings and a large annual event simultaneously, without a single evident problem in any of the 4 occasions
• Reduced executives’ travel expenses by 50% by incorporating the services of a less expensive travel agent