Top 10 Warehouse Resume Achievements and Accomplishments

Updated: December 27, 2022

The accomplishments section on a warehouse resume tells the hiring manager that you are skilled and experienced enough to accomplish something big professionally.

And this is exactly the kind of information that an employer looks for.

When you write a resume for a warehouse job, make sure that you include at least 3 (4 is better) accomplishment statements in it.

Let us come to the part where we discuss how accomplishment statements need to be written.

Many of us are unaware of our achievements in the workplace, making it difficult to appear as a credit to a company. But being unaware does not mean that we have not accomplished much.

If you look back, you will see that you have been successful in handling many problems and issues at your workplace, which other workers were probably not able to do. Put them all in your resume under a dedicated section for accomplishments.

You may use the following statements to get an idea:

Sample Achievements to Include in a Warehouse Resume

  1. Reorganized the warehouse inventory system, making the process 50% less cumbersome to handle than before.
  2. Implemented advanced quality control procedures, resulting in a 30% decrease in product returns and complaints.
  3. Introduced a new space-saving technique, which eliminated the requirements of acquiring more space for new products.
  4. Trained 20 warehouse workers over a period of 15 months, now deployed at 3 different warehouses within the state.
  5. Devised a foolproof method of automatically creating shipment paperwork, by connecting the database to the order-picking system.
  6. Successfully filled an order worth $58000 in one day, without a single quality or service-related complaint from the customer.
  7. Saved $8000 per year by suggesting a less expensive parts vendor, without compromising on product quality.
  8. Developed a dynamic labeling system, which decreased time in writing labels by hand by a staggering 50%.
  9. Trained warehouse staff in the effective handling of materials and integrating best practices, significantly reducing accidents.
  10. Suggested safe material removal criteria for hazardous materials, resulting in increased warehouse staff security.