Executive Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Updated July 24, 2016


Each interview is different, so it is not necessary that if you have done well in one, you will do well in the next one as well. As one of the biggest misconceptions, this can lead to terrible consequences because interviewees become complacent. Complacency is the worst thing ever, where interviews are concerned.

So leave all that you know about interviews and begin afresh by preparing for your interview (for an executive secretary position) through the following set of questions:


Executive Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

How do you make sure that you stay organized?
As an executive secretary, organization is the basis of my work. I make sure that I make lists and schedules for myself and I do not let myself waver from them. Using technology to self-remind about appointments and tasks also helps.

What have been your specific duties as an executive secretary in the past?
As an executive secretary, I have been actively involved in maintaining executives’ calendars, by planning appointments, board meetings and conferences. Furthermore, I was required to attend meetings and take and record minutes, and prioritize all outgoing and incoming correspondence, including letters, emails and packages.

What skills do you have that make you a great choice to work as an executive secretary for our organization?
I possess in-depth understanding of office management and basic accounting procedures, along with demonstrated expertise in scheduling appointments, responding to questions in person and over the telephone, and handling filing and record-keeping duties.

How do you deal with conflict at the workplace?
I try to avoid conflict as much as I can because I do not feel that it is very constructive. However, in the event that I do have to deal with it, I always have a pro-resolution approach to it. Conflict does not affect me because I begin thinking about effective solutions as soon as I am faced with one. My stance on conflict is to keep a straight face, resolve the problem and move on.

As far as inter-departmental relationships are concerned, what has been your role as an executive secretary in the past?
I have been extensively involved in inter-departmental work and have efficiently created and maintained effective relationships between key members of each department. Ascertaining that communication channels are open and that all information flows in a professional manner has been my focus.

Tell us of a time when your abilities as an executive secretary helped bring you out of a fix.
About 10 months ago, I found myself in a quandary when I had to schedule appointments for 5 executives at the same time! It was a first for me as I had only been assigned a max of 3 executives at one time before this. However, I put my best foot forward, brought out my multitasking abilities and managed to correctly schedule all appointments without giving anyone cause for complaint!