Chemistry Resume Sample

Updated on: April 1, 2018

Chemistry is a fascinating subject, and many people around the world pursue careers as chemists in different capacities. There are many positions that you can work on depending on your educational background and interest in chemistry. Some may be nuclear chemists, textile chemists and others will work as cosmetic and production chemists.

On a general note, chemists study chemicals to integrate them with other materials to create specified products. A degree in chemistry is apparently an essential part of this job and experience with carefully working with chemicals is an added plus.

The following resume for chemist job can be used as a sample for writing your own.


Chemistry Resume Example



Donald Edwards
738 Shelton Beach Road, Saraland, AL 78300
(999) 999-9999, Email


• Six years of experience working as a Chemist
• Hands on experience in operating chromatographs with precision
• In-depth knowledge of conducting standard and varied tests on raw materials and intermediates
• Conversant with following established protocols to perform testing procedures

• Working knowledge of laboratory tests and equipment
• Excellent analytic and problem-solving skills
• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
• Understanding of safe practices governing the use of chemical compounds
• Ability to meet the deadline in a time efficient manner


Creative Solutions, Saraland, AL | 2009 – Present
• Perform routine testing for different assignments
• Study chemical elements and perform integration activities
• Manage test solutions and analyze compounds as instructed
• Compile test information and analyze outcomes
• Manage reports and document every procedure
• Write technical papers and manage standard for products and tests

Creative Solutions, Saraland, AL | 2006 – 2009
Chemistry Intern
• Assisted in preparation of chemicals and compounds
• Supported in working on chemistry assignments
• Worked with developing products and equipment as instructed
• Gathered research information for every procedure
• Managed maintenance on equipment as instructed

Master of Science in Chemistry
Alabama State University, Saraland, AL – 2006