Chemist Resume Sample

Updated on: August 20, 2017


A lot of job seekers seem to think that information can just be thrown into a resume and it will be accepted. Incorrect.

Each section of a resume has a different role to play, which is why it is important to structure information into it in a proper manner.

Take a look at the resume sample below to get a better idea how to build or update your resume for chemist position:




Chemist Resume Example



Michael Henson

58 Olive Drive, Aberdeen, SD 09871
(000) 853-3521
m.henson @ email . com


Performance Profile
Over 7 years of progressive experience in conducting chemical laboratory and field testing work according to prescribed standards. Exceptionally talented in handling analysis and reporting of various products, such as oil, water and organic substances.

Efficiently conducts experiments on both organic and inorganic compounds to determine their chemical properties. Experienced in performing chemical analytic procedures in accordance with established permits and licensing requirements.

Ability to evaluate data to ensure completeness and accuracy of chemical data derived from testing procedures. Successful track record of performing formulation, synthesis and testing to meet established project objectives.

Core Skills & Competencies

✓ Chemical Data Interpretation ✓ Experiments Handling
✓ Documentation Management ✓ Reagent Optimization
✓ Samples Preparation ✓ Compound Testing
✓ Change Induction ✓ Procedure Monitoring
✓ Safe Lab Practices ✓ Equipment Maintenance
✓ Test Solutions Preparation ✓ Suppliers Liaison


Selected Accomplishments
• Successfully handled a complex chemical experiment, which 3 senior chemists had refused to touch.
• Devised and implemented safe laboratory practices, reducing accident incidents by 65%.
• Introduced a chemical procedure monitoring system, which proved to be 50% more workable than the one already in place.
• Reduced the cost of acquiring lab equipment and supplies by 75% by brining onboard a less expensive supplier.


Afton Chemicals, Aberdeen, SD | 5/2013 – Present

• Analyze both organic and inorganic compounds to determine their chemical and physical properties.
• Conduct quality control tests on compounds and write correlating reports.
• Prepare test solutions, compounds and reagents for laboratory personnel to conduct their experiments.
• Compile and analyze test information to determine process or equipment operating efficiency.
• Direct and advise personnel in test procedures for the purpose of analyzing components and materials’ physical properties.
• Assist in the development of product such as synthetic fibers, drugs and cosmetics.
• Write research papers and reports on new findings and ensure that they are submitted in a timely manner.
• Prepare and submit product license documentation, according to the requirements and protocols set by the organization.

Chemist Assistant
AECOM, Aberdeen, SD | 2/2010 – 5/2013

• Prepared laboratory samples according to set protocols, to make them ready for testing processes.
• Collected and stored samples of specimens in a safe manner, according to specified protocols.
• Set up and calibrated laboratory equipment at the beginning of each shift to ensure smooth work operations.
• Assisted in performing regular and preventative maintenance on lab equipment and instruments.
• Created and logged lab experiment analysis information in pre-defined formats.

South Dakota State University, Aberdeen, SD – 2009
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry