Chemist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: August 18, 2017

Going through an interview process is a different experience every time. No two interviews are ever the same, which means that it is necessary for you to tackle each one of them in a separate manner.

Preparation is the keyword here. When you are due to appear for an interview, you must make sure that you do your homework completely before you are in a situation where you’re sitting at this side of the interview table.

This homework does not only include figuring out what questions you will be asked – it also includes you going through the rigmarole of preparing your confidence. A confident individual automatically wins half the race to the finish line.

And if it is sample questions that you are looking for, the following set of interview questions and answers for a chemist position will help you:


Chemist Interview Questions and Answers


Academically, how do you qualify to work as a chemist at our organization?
I possess a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with a major in organic chemistry. I believe that you’re currently searching for someone with this academic profile, which is why I believe that I am a great contender to hire at this position.

What skills do you possess that make you great at what you do?
Apart from having gained a lot of experience in a chemical lab setting, I am well-versed in preparing test solutions and reagents so that lab personnel can perform testing on them, determining chemical and physical properties of compounds along with their structure and composition, and can effortlessly compile and analyze test information to determine process efficiency.

Don’t you find this work a tad cumbersome?
Not at all. In fact, I happen to find working as a chemist to be full of challenges and extremely fulfilling.

What do you know about analytic chemistry?
Analytic chemistry work can be carried out in a number of fields including drug formulation and development, chemical and forensic analysis, process development, product validation, and of course, quality control.

What have been two of your main duties while working as a chemist in a previous role?
Analyzing samples from various sources to provide information on compounds, and developing techniques for analysis purposes are two of my main duties in my current role as a chemist.

What are your 5 year career plans?
Soon, I hope to extend my expertise into research chemistry. I hope to be working and contributing in this area within the next 5 years.