Chemist Skills for Resume

Updated: August 18, 2017

When you are preparing to write a Chemist resume, always keep a list of your skills handy, as they will help you in a lot of areas within the resume.

Your skills come everywhere – if you are aware of how skilled you are, or how well you have polished your skills over the years, you can easily see your way through the resume.

The end result will be a document that is full of information, which is usable for the hiring manager.

Why are we placing so much emphasis on skills?

There is no rocket science here – skills make us who we are as professionals, and the sooner that a hiring manager understands what it is that make you a great choice to hire, the better it is. Most employers pick up resumes hoping to find a dedicated skills section, that outlines the candidate’s abilities as they relate to the work that he or she will be performing when and if hired. This information is sometimes sufficient to help a hiring manager decide that he wants to hire you on an immediate basis.

Making sure that the skills which you mention in your resume align well with what the hiring manager is looking for, is imperative. Pick up the job advert to which you are responding, and see what skills are required. To see how you can write a skills statement, refer to the list below:


Sample Skills for Chemist Resume


• Qualified to perform chemical and physical tests, using a wide variety and types of laboratory equipment and instrumentation

• Competent in monitoring and reviewing the results of quality assurance programs and recommending solutions and modifications

• Highly experienced in preparing test solutions, compounds and reagents for laboratory personnel to conduct tests with

• Exceptionally well-versed in analyzing organic and inorganic compounds to determine the chemical and physical properties of compounds

• Demonstrated expertise in developing, improving and customizing products, equipment and formulas, using a variety of methods

• Proven ability to compile and analyze test information to determine process and equipment efficiency as it relates to operations

• Track record of effectively directing, coordinating and advising lab personnel in handling chemical test procedures

• Proficient in writing technical papers and reports, and preparing standards and specifications for processes

• Adept at creating and implementing health and safety standards particular to a lab setting, and ensuring that they are followed appropriately

• Skilled in developing new analytic methods and tweaking existing ones to ensure that they provide accurate results