Chemist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 18, 2017

Position Overview

Chemists may be hired in different capacities, depending on what it is that they are expected to do.

As a chemist, it is important for an individual to know all there is to know about compounds, reagents and solutions of different types.

Since chemists work in a number of capacities, they are often expected to specialize in a certain area such as forensics, process development, toxicology or drug formulation.

Position Requirements

Working as a chemist means that you have to possess a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the very least, with a major in a certain area that describes your expertise well. If this is the career line that you intend to take up, it is imperative for you to be analytic and accurate, since the end result of chemical experiments need be exceptionally spot on.

In addition to this, it is also important for chemists to understand the various types of chemical processes and procedures, if they want to be successful in this area.

Before you apply for a position as a chemist in any capacity, make sure that you understand what one is supposed to do. Writing your resume when you are unclear about what the work is all about, may not be such a good idea. Here is a list of duties particular to the work of a chemist to look through:


Sample Job Description for Chemist Resume


• Analyze samples from various sources for the purpose of providing data on compounds or quantities of compounds present

• Use a variety of analytic techniques to perform chemical analysis functions, including HPLC, ion chromatography and spectroscopy

• Develop and implement techniques to analyze drug products and chemicals

• Analyze both organic and inorganic compounds to determine their physical and chemical properties

• Compile and analyze test information to determine processes and the operational efficiency of equipment and lab instruments

• Assist laboratory personnel by providing direction and advice in test procedures to analyze components and the physical properties of materials

• Create chemical testing processes, with special focus on eliciting results for a diverse product line

• Ascertain that all chemical experiment data is properly recorded and logged according to specified instructions and protocols

• Utilize a wide variety of lab equipment to perform experiments, and ensure that all assigned equipment is timely maintained and cleaned

• Assess the need for laboratory equipment and instruments, and create and maintain effective liaison with suppliers to ensure timely delivery

• Ascertain that all collected samples are stored in appropriate areas, to minimize the danger of contamination