Research and Development Manager Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: July 1, 2023

A research and development manager is hired primarily to provide an organization with assistance in developing and implementing research and development strategies and policies.

The work of an individual working in this position is quite complex, as there is a lot that he or she has to look out for. Challenges are an everyday thing, which is why not all people can be considered a good choice to hire for this position.

Typically, a degree in business is required to work as a research and development manager. If you have had experience working in the research and development department of an organization previously, your candidature will be considered positively for this position. Exceptional leadership skills and the ability to work on tight deadlines are prerequisites for working in this role.

In addition to this, one needs to be a great communicator, and possess inherent skills in handling complex situations such as limitations in acquiring accurate data and working with limited resources.

Working as a research and development manager means that you will be constantly on the go. If you have the physical and emotional stability to be able to work in a position that is as demanding as this, you should probably do a little homework before you apply for a job.

Whether you are writing your first resume, or writing one for the hundredth time, it is important that you pay a lot of attention to what goes into it. A resume that has a solid information base is always successful.

Here is a sample Research and Development Manager resume to look through:

Research and Development Manager Resume Example

Craig Tanner
New Orleans, LA 70190
(000) 784-5241
craig.tanner @ email . com


Performance Profile
7 years of experience providing leadership and guidance to research and development, quality assurance, analytic services, and marketing for both product and process development. Ability to maintain key strategic initiatives of R&D through product improvement and cost reduction.

Ensures the specifications and process operating guides for product development are in order. Identifies and monitors new technological developments for product development processes. Proficient in leading special projects concerning products, processes, equipment, and facility concepts and designs.

——- Professional Skills ——-
✓ Quality Assurance ✓ Project Review
✓ Product Industrialization ✓ Technological Expertise
✓ Special Projects Handling ✓ Production Facilitation
✓ Portfolio Management ✓ Research Services
✓ Expenditure Management ✓ New Technology Transfers
✓ Concept Development ✓ Metrics Monitoring


Research and Development Manager
Domtar, New Orleans, LA
8/2016 – Present
• Create, develop, and implement research and development strategies, policies, procedures, and plans.
• Develop and monitor research projects, priorities, and targets, aimed at supporting policy development.
• Manage project budgets, schedules, and resources for assigned product portfolios.
• Lead troubleshooting processes to ensure that appropriate resolutions are reached in a timely manner.
• Create and implement department process and procedural documentation, with a view to supporting project quality.
• Handle resource allocation work, and provide insight into the development of R&D staff members.
• Ensure that specifications and process operating guides for product development are in good order.
• Manage the scale-up and industrialization of new products and product lines are ensured.
Selected Accomplishments
• Credited with providing invaluable information to the marketing team, which resulted in the development of the company’s highest-selling product to date.
• Suggested incorporating a series of new technological advancements, resulting in increased quality of all product lines.

R&D Officer
Nexans, New Orleans, LA
2/2010 – 8/2016
• Assisted research and development manager in determining R&D strategies and plans.
• Provided support in developing concepts, products, and solutions through coordination with business units.
• Established project goals and priorities, by collaborating with both marketing and sales departments.
• Researched, designed, and evaluated materials, processes, and equipment.
• Monitored team metrics and objectives to ensure that individual and departmental goals are met.
Selected Accomplishments
• Led a complex research and development project, for three offshore offices, spanning 2 years.
• Successfully ensured the quality of the company’s core products, by providing teams with valuable research information.

Master of Business Administration
New Orleans University, New Orleans, LA

Research and Development Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create, develop, implement, and monitor research and development strategies and policies.
  • Develop and implement research programs and plans and ensure that their efficacy is made a reality at all costs.
  • Provide leadership to major research projects and plans, from conception stages to fruition.
  • Evaluate the benefits of each research strategy and plan, and monitor both the cost and effectiveness of research activities.
  • Interpret the results of research projects and provide well-placed recommendations for product and service improvements.
  • Assess the requirements of new products based on market and consumer needs in sync with sales and marketing departments.
  • Improve products and product ranges, ensuring that they remain within the parameters outlined by the management.
  • Perform consolidated reviews, validation, and verification of products to ensure conformity with standards and fitness.
  • Lead product development ideations based on the metrics of each brand and product line.
  • Provide technical expertise in product development and assist in handling launches and relaunches.
  • Support scale-up and industrialization projects for new product development, and ensure that established protocols are followed for special projects.