Chemist Cover Letter Sample

Updated: August 19, 2017

Cover letters of today are nothing like the cover letters of the last decade. So much has changed – with greater competition out there and the ever-increasing demands of employers for the perfect employee, the basic elements of a cover letter have changed dramatically over the years. And we all have to keep up.

It is imperative to understand just what exactly a Chemist cover letter does for us before we embark on the journey to write one. No, it does not outline how experienced you are.

In fact, it gives you a great opportunity to highlight your skills and achievements in a single document.

The cover letter is all about your abilities and aspirations, and how you intend to use both to benefit a future employer. There is a lot of evidence to show that a well-written cover letter can do great wonders for you and your resume.


Chemist Cover Letter Example



August 18, 2017

Mr. Hayden Richards
Human Resource Manager
BASF Corporation
52 Ward Avenue
Rapid City, SD 66555


Dear Mr. Richards:

I am writing to apply for a Chemist position at BASF Corporation.

Throughout my 10 years of employment as a chemist, I have been recognized for my inherent ability to use a diverse range of methods to investigate the chemical nature of a wide variety of substances. This effort and experience put me in a spot where I can be recognized as a great choice to hire at BASF Corporation. Please refer to the enclosed resume for details on my experience.

Preparing test solutions, compounds and reagents for the purpose of laboratory testing, and analyzing both organic and inorganic compounds to determine their chemical properties are all in a day’s work for me. As an experienced chemist, I can contribute to the smooth operations of your laboratory, ensuring that lab procedures are safe, maintaining lab equipment and instruments, and compiling and analyzing test procedures to ensure that their functionality is above par.

Moreover, you will find me to be exceptionally well-versed in developing, improving and customizing products, equipment, formulas, processes and analytic methods, in accordance with the metrics of each process. As an analytic individual by nature, I have a solid capacity to effectively study effects of various methods of processing, preserving and packaging on the composition and properties of food items as well.

I will be in touch with you soon to see if a mutually convenient time to meet can be arranged. Until then, please feel free to call me at (000) 333-7454 if required.




Edmond Frost

Enc: (Resume)