Cover Letter Sample for a Chemist

Updated on: August 14, 2018

This era is a fast one, and effective communication has to be fast as well. Modern cover letters for Chemist position are instantaneous, like a text message on the cell phone.

We have outlined some useful tips that will help you in drafting a catchy cover letter, catered for the current job industry.


Overcrowded formats are tools for professional suicide. Choose a format with some white space in it that eases the reader’s eye.


When it comes to cover letter writing, always remember the principle ‘first things first.’ Identify your most relevant qualifications in the eyes of the prospective employer and place these at the top.

To the point

An effective cover letter is always short and to the point. As a candidate, you might be tempted to elaborate various achievements and experiences, but it’s advisable to cover only the highly job relevant traits. Do not bore the reader with ancient history.

Below is a cover letter sample for a chemist.


Chemist Cover Letter Sample


Paula Lavender
51 NW 3rd Ave • Elkton, MD 67001 • (003) 555-9666 • paula @ email . com

August 14, 2018

Daniel Marx
HR Manager
Kemin Research Centre
902 Habana Lane
Elkton, MD 67001


Dear Mr. Marx:

Documented breakthroughs in chemical research discovered and analyzed at the Kemin Research Centre have long interested me, and I have been waiting for an opportunity to join your research team. Yesterday, I came across your chemist vacancy, for which I am fully qualified. Please consider my enclosed resume in your search for a chemist.

I believe that the combination of my qualifications in analytical chemistry and 7+ years of experience in diverse chemical laboratory settings with 3 busy research centers offers me the unique opportunity of making a positive contribution to your research lab.

To establish my candidacy further, here is why you should hire me:

• Proficient in carrying out HPLC methods for separation of synthesized peptides to facilitate chemical analysis.
• Adept at identification and analysis of microarrays.
• Expert in refining existing chemical analytical methods and develop new ones for customized research purposes.
• Familiar with safe lab research practices.

I look forward to meeting with you to demonstrate the suitability of my candidacy for the chemist position. I will call you after a few days to confirm your interest in my candidacy. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Paula Lavender

Encl. Resume