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Updated on June 23, 2019

Position Overview

Botanists explore the biology of all types of plants in order to increase scientific knowledge

They apply this knowledge in areas such as conservation and management of natural resources, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, medicine, and biotechnology.


The following Resume Sample for a Botanist job will provide you with the idea to make your resume.

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Botanist Resume Example


Anna L. Johnson
17 5th Street, Houston, TX 65555
(004) 040-9999, email


Driven and results-oriented Botanist, seeking a challenging position in a reputed company taking advantage of my qualifications and botany skills.

• Over 11 years of experience as a botanist
• In-depth knowledge of conducting floristic surveys in Northern Texas
• Extremely interested in plants and research
• Working experience of federal and state rare species act and wetland permitting


ABC Company – Houston, TX | 2012 – Present

• Rummage around for classifying new species of plants and categorize plant specimens
• Work with other botanists to build up drugs, medicines, and additional products from plants
• Examine the effects of ecological factors for example rainfall, hotness, sunlight, soil, topography, and infection on plant development
• Prepare technical reports and papers
• Supervise and organize the work of technical support staff

TYL LLC – Houston, TX | 2008 – 2012

• Arranged handbooks for plant identification
• Studied the life and rate of plant chromosomes, cells, and tissues
• Used PC for information and data storage, and for the examination of data
• Grew plants in prescribed conditions to review the significance of ecological and genetic variables
• Studied the genetics of plants using biochemical and molecular methods in the laboratory and so decide the patterns of plant development

The University of Texas, Austin, TX – 2007
Bachelor of Science in Botany

Wetland delineation training

Strong Professional References Available



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