Biology Resume Objective Examples

Updated on March 13, 2019

The origin, structure, and development of animal and plant life are the core work of a biologist.

Biologists work in different specialties where they are required to perform both lab work and outdoor activities.

Biologists specialize in several specialties including marine biology and microbiology which means that it is not necessary for two biologists to be doing the same thing.

They plan and administer different biological programs depending on the organization that they are reporting to.

They also collect and analyze data in terms of deciphering an organism’s relation and effect on the environment and the other way around too.

Biologist Resume Objective

If you are applying for a position in this regard, you may want to specify your special area of interest in a resume objective. Let us see how you can do this!

Sample Objectives for Biology Resume

• Seeking a Microbiologist position at EMDC utilizing 3+ years’ track record of observing and monitoring microorganisms to develop and plan methods of disease prevention.

• Top-performing Biologist with a Master’s degree in biology and 13+ years of hands-on experience. Seeking to leverage my scientific expertise to grow in the new role of biologist at ABC Company.

• Looking for a position as a Marine Biologist at Mariners using knowledge of ocean life and its impact on its surroundings to assist marine projects with crucial information.

• Desire a Botanist position with Core Biology Inc. Offers expertise in imparting knowledge about different plants and working on projects to determine new plant species.

• To work as a Biologist for Hullucinagens. Bringing a successful track record in studying the effects of radioactivity on animals and plants of the ocean.

• To obtain a Biologist position at Oxygenetic where I can employ my skills in working along the principles of animal and plant life and how they affect their surroundings in order to understand the origin and anatomy of the species.

Entry Level Biology Resume Objectives Examples

• To build a long-term career in the field of biology, enhancing my educational and professional skills in a stable and dynamic workplace.

• Recent college graduate seeking a biology intern position with an opportunity for professional challenges.

• Eager to obtain employment at XYZ Company, making the most of my education and skills in biology while working as a team player in a positive atmosphere. Strong sense of responsibility.

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